LEAD Laundry and Catering (Pty) Ltd is the foremost supplier of Laundry equipment in Southern Africa, representing world leading brands that include Jensen, Speed Queen, Girbau, and Ipso.

The products range in application from those used in coin-operated laundries to sophisticated tunnel washers found in the world’s largest industrial laundries, and it’s customers range in size from the smallest Bed and Breakfast to Central Processing Plants handling linen in hygienic conditions for upwards of 16 hospitals at one location.

The company also represents leading European brands Fagor in the Industrial Catering equipment sector where it delivers professional equipment and advice from qualified chefs in everything from the smallest bar to the largest industrial kitchens in everything from the most sophisticated Hotels, to the remotest mining camps in Africa.

Italian manufacturer Ilsa is at the centre of LEAD’s Dry Cleaning equipment division – which is also a South African industry leader.

Close relationships with our suppliers who are all world leaders, ensure that LEAD’s customers remain at the forefront of new ideas and technology.


ECO Launderers in Harare – a World Class Laundry Business

Jim Fletcher, Business Development Manager LLC Africa, spoke to Alex Chaumbwa, Laundry Manager, about this facility.

Food & Hospitality Africa 2016

Lead’s experience at the 2016 Food and Hospitality Africa show has been nothing short of exceptional. With a world-class exhibit displaying 125m² of our finest equipment and a team of motivated professionals, we were able to connect with industry leaders across the catering and laundry sectors. The three-day expo took place at the Gallagher…

Northern Cleaners “Service for Every Customer”

Northern Cleaners is an industrial laundry servicing restaurants, hospitals, hotels… and dry cleaning for the public in Johannesburg. Northern Cleaners has earned a reputation for its high quality and a service that covers 100% of the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Efficient Laundry Management by Jenson. See what’s possible!

A&M Basse Meuse in Belgium is equipped with JENSEN’s latest innovations that enable the textile rental company to manage the laundry efficiently and precisely.


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A hotel is not the same as a restaurant, or healthcare facility, or a coin operated laundry but they do all have the need to produce impeccable laundry. Whether you fall into one of these categories or are a flat/town house complex, Caravan Park, University Residence, Game Park, Health Spa, Mine or large commercial laundry facility and have the need to produce high quality finished linen or garments; our professional advice, unparalleled range of equipment backed by the most comprehensive national service infrastructure available in Southern Africa will ensure you do so efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

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Dry Cleaning is a specialist field. It requires specialist knowledge, advice and equipment. Lead is the pre eminent supplier of dry cleaning machinery to ‘high street’ dry cleaning stores, commercial laundry facilities and to 5 star hotels throughout Southern Africa. Our wide range of equipment from spotting tables, to Dry Cleaning machines and specialist finishing equipment, together with a comprehensive spares stockholding and qualified technical personnel position us uniquely to offer our customers peace of mind when investing in this business.

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From small Glass washers to Conveyor dishwashers, from 6 to 20 pan Combi Steamers, Range Cooking in 600, 700 and 900mm, high end Refrigeration, Display cabinets and custom stainless steel fabrication to cutlery and crockery. Professional advice from a qualified Chef directly involved in professional Kitchen Design and providing high quality CAD drawings. No customer is too small or too big. Backed by one of Europe’s leading manufacturers with installations in numerous Michelin Star restaurants.

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