Lead Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment

Dry Cleaning Machines

ilsa-dry-cleaning-machinesILSA is a European leader in the manufacture of Dry Cleaning equipment and was established in Italy in 1978. From the outset the company specialized in the design and construction of equipment for dry cleaning operations and associated textile care solutions. Thanks to a remarkable flexibility in production and an extraordinary propensity towards innovation, the company has set standards and maintained it’s position at the forefront of the industry, providing the highest quality products throughout its 30 plus years of operation. Lead’s relationship with Ilsa goes back more than 15 years and over this period of time a large percentage of the dry cleaning machines sold in South Africa came from the Lead/Ilsa stable.

MEC Vantage Range

Dry cleaning machines in the ILSA MEC series use Perchlorethylene (C2 CL4 Tetrachloroethylene) which is still the most widely used solvent in the cleaning industry.  They are equipped with the most modern security systems to protect workers and the environment, including the regenerative absorbent filter to reduce solvent concentration in…

Optional Extras

  Solvent spillage tank All “€œCE€”-compliant ILSA machines have a “solvent spillage tank” to contain spillage. These tanks are designed to withstand the forces transmitted by the machine. The tank bottom is raised to allow for natural ventilation and prevent moisture build-up, which might eventually lead to corrosion. The design…