Lead Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment


dry-0cleaning-finishing-equipment-garmentsThe quality of your finished garment is fundamental to the impression you leave with your customers, and consequently to the success of your business.

Lead offer an extensive range of preparation and finishing equipment for larger or lesser volumes of garment finishing, all characterised by high levels of ironing quality and reduced energy consumption. A range from world leading manufacturers that allows you to choose a tailor made solution to cater to your own unique finishing requirements.

Nova Ironing Table

Vacuum/blowing ironing table. For relatively moderate production volumes (less than 100 pc in 8 hours per day), or for limited budgets, a finishing table may be sufficient for all of the finishing work in a SoftWash context. The table should preferably have vacuum and blowing boards, maxi dimension, equipped for “point…

Form Finishers

Sirio 291 Revolving cabinet for finishing of jackets, coats, dresses, etc. using the former shape, and trousers, skirts, etc. using the topper shape. Fully automatic finishing cycle by digital microprocessor (10 programs) Available with built-in boiler or ready for connection to an external steam supply No need for compressed air…