Lead Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment

Industrial On-Premise Laundry

Laundry equipment designed for the specific needs of the following market sectors:


healthcare-care-homes-laundryHospitals, Care Homes, Schools, Veterinary clinics, Fire departments, Military and Correctional facilities. Specialised applications including Barrier washers and Sluice machines for the Healthcare environment.

hospitality-catering-food-servicesHotels, Spas, Restaurants and Catering companies.

commercial-laundriesBusinesses both big and small who have processing laundry as their core activity. Also Gyms, Beauty salons, Equestrian estates and similar establishments.

miningMining, Automotive, Steel or Electronic industries, Cleaning services, Airlines as well as Farming establishments.

We recognise the unique needs and the important differences between the various sectors we serve – the Mining industry requires equipment capable of withstanding the abrasive properties of sand and grit in soiled overalls, the Healthcare industry requires we reduce the possibility of micro biological contamination and the Hospitality industry requires the highest quality wash with the longest possible linen life…..we offer expert advice and laundry equipment designed and built specifically for these unique needs. 

Professional laundry equipment designed and installed in the most efficient way possible for your unique needs, considering production volume required, speed, flexibility and durability, in order to guarantee the highest possible wash quality, good control, maximum throughput and low operating costs.