Hand Ironing


A variety of commercial hand irons and ironing boards from the most basic budget oriented equipment to specialised hand ironing offering premium quality finishing for the Dry Cleaning/Laundry industry.


Available extras:

  • Sleeve arm or spotting arm
  • Water spray
  • Spotting guns
  • Lighting group and iron suspension
  • Pump plus tank
Required Power 400 VJ3+NI50Hz
Vacuum Motor 0,50 KW
Motor For Blowing 0,50 KW
Board Heating 0,50 KW
Steam Inlet 3/8
Return Outlet 1/2
Steam Working Pressure 2,5 bar
Steam Consumption kg/h
Water Feeding Turbo gomma 12 mm
Boiler Drain
Boiler Heating Elements 2 KW
Iron Heating Elements 0,8 KW
Pump Motor 0,4 KW
Encumberance 188 x 64 x 120 mm
Net Weight (with boiler) 120 kg
Overall Dimensions 174 x 68 x115 mm
Volume 1.36 m3
The ST 702 is available in a number of different configurations depending on your particular needs the picture seen here is only one of those variations. Please speak to our sales consultants should you wish to configure to your own specific needs.

ST-702 Manual press, producing excellent results whilst being very easy to use and maintain.

  • Regular 900 mm height fixed board (NOT adjustable height)
  • Balanced and articulated head for optimal alignment of head and buck.
  • Manual closing of th head
  • Manual wheel adjustment of head closing pressure
  • Copius and instant live steam production on both the head and buck
Required Power 230/400 V/1 3/5 Hz
Water Feeding Tuba gamma interne 12 mm
Steam Inlet 1/2
Return Outlet 1/2
Steam Working Pressure 5 bar
Steam Consumption 18 20 kg/h
Air Working Pressure 7 bar
Central Vacuum Connect 100 mm
Vacuum Depression 250 mm H2O
Vacuum Air Consumption 400 m3/h
Boiler Drain 1/2
Vacuum Outlet 100 mm
Pump Motor 0,4 kW
Vacuum Motor 0,4 kW
Boiler Heating 6 8 10 12 15 18 kW
Iron Heating Element 0.8 kW
Encumberance 1300 x 1100 mm
Net Weight with Boiler 370 kg
Gross Weight (crate) 430 kg
Gross Weight (box) 510 kg
Overall Dimensions 1400 x 1150 x 1400 mm
Volume 2.25 m3