Industrial washing machine The best washing action is one that matches the needs of each load. The wide range of equipment and the programming possibilities afforder on all our product allow users to find a solution for each washing process, regardless of the volume of production and the unique circumstances of their business; with the objective at all times of achieving the best washing action with the lowest possible energy consumption. Heavy duty equipment catering to the on-premise laundry market (and central launderers) - aimed at the Hospitality/Healthcare/Mining and Industrial segments of the markets. Ranging in capacity from 10 Kg/hr to around 110Kg/hr processing capacity per washer. Further subdivided between High, Medium and Low Speed categories, these industrial washing machines are sourced from the two leading washer extractor manufacturers in the world. Specialised equipment in our UNIQUE ‘Sluice' product, AND Barrier washer extractors specifically designed for the Healthcare sector.