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Experienced Lead / Speed Queen technician moves to George

We are proud to announce the opening of our new satellite technical office in the Garden Route. Our experienced Speed Queen technician, Mike Sinclair, has moved to George.

We are so excited about the possibilities that a new and dynamic technical focus will bring to our customer service in what we see as an important and growing area not only for commercial laundry, but also for our home appliance Speed Queen range.

Our opening of this technical office has one primary focus: To support those customers who support our products and services in a way that gives them the sort of ‘no compromise’ world class technical service you would expect to find from us in any of South Africa’s largest cities.

We are particularly happy about the quality of the person that we will be placing at the disposal of our customers in this area.


Mike Sinclair has been servicing Speed Queen washing and drying machines with Lead for 16 years. He is one of Lead’s most qualified and experienced senior technicians with unparalleled experience across all equipment categories ranging from the smallest light commercial equipment to Dry Cleaning equipment to the most sophisticated Tunnel Washer Systems found anywhere in the world. 

There is quite simply no other single person (out of our employ) in this country, with his level and depth of experience across so many equipment categories.

Mike is excited about the benefit his knowledge and experience will bring to customers in the Mossel Bay / George / Knysna / Plettenberg Bay area’s specifically, and he is looking forward to developing close relationships with all of our customers in this region. He is also fulfilling an important role in upskilling and standardising our customer service offering at our PE branch and at our Satellite technical office in East London.

Mike not only brings to the region an unparalleled technical knowledge but also a humility and work ethic honed in long hours and great distances operating out of our busy head office.


Rory Macfarlane (current Joint MD) who ran the JHB service department for several years says ‘…I will never forget getting an urgent late night call from a customer with a machine breakdown in Hotazel – 648km from JHB. Mike was already in bed and asleep. I called him and asked if he would make the trip urgently. He got dressed and left immediately with no complaints, drove through the night (7hrs) arrived the next morning at the customer, completed the repair, got back in his bakkie and drove another 7 hrs back to JHB and worked overtime to complete most of the work he had already been assigned for the next day. He did it all with a big smile on his face and there was never the slightest complaint or hint of unhappiness . This wasn’t a once off thing – he did it routinely and regularly – he was always genuinely happy about the contribution he knew he was making to great customer service. He made my job so easy. No job is too big or too small, and no distance or inconvenience too great for Mike if it is in the interest of great customer service’.

Mike has moved to George to be closer to his two beloved young daughters Catelyn and Gabriella, who live with their Mom in CT. He is an exercise fanatic, loves motorsport and hopes one day to get back into Oval Track Racing, or to take up adventure motorbiking.

Mike’s ‘other’ family are all of us that work at Lead, and Mike is looking forward to the new challenge of representing us all with distinction in the Garden Route area.

Mike is keen to make an impact and we have no doubt that his efforts in the area are going to be of huge benefit to our many customers

Says Rory Macfarlane ….‘After Sales Service comes before Sales. It is something we don’t pay lip service to. It is an ingrained, clearly understood and unquestioned business practice for us. It is the area of our business that commands by far the most attention and investment and our policy is clear that a good technical presence precedes any sales effort. Every one of our current 7 branches around South Africa started first with a competent technical presence in that area.’


Mike is offering SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY RATES which have been substantially discounted from our normal rates for any work done between today and 28 February 2020.

If you are a Lead customer located anywhere between Mossel Bay and Plettenberg Bay or inland of these areas, give Mike a try – we feel sure that you will see the value in having somebody like him on your doorstep.

Contact Mike at