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Wet Cleaning Workshops Demonstrate the SoftWash® Process

SoftWash® Wet Cleaning is an ideal one-stop-shop solution, better for all garments, better for your business, your customers, your staff and for the environment. All at the same time.

LEAD has uniquely been serving both the professional laundry AND traditional Dry Cleaning sector for more than 30 years. We know how vital it is for you to be able to provide a premium quality laundry or dry cleaning service. We also know how seldom a truly game-changing innovation comes around. SoftWash® is revolutionary and it’s set to change the industry as we know it. It is ‘The Smart Choice for Laundry’.

Offering tremendous investor appeal, SoftWash® is an ideal opportunity to transform your existing laundry, dry or wet cleaning operation into a next generation business.

We invite you to attend one of our free workshops where we physically demonstrate and explain the process and answer all your questions.


SoftWash® : So much more than regular Wet Cleaning

If you are interested in attending our next demonstration, please get in touch.

JOHANNESBURG 27 (0)11 553 3700
DURBAN 27 (0)31 792 4800
CAPE TOWN 27 (0)21 527 4020
NELSPRUIT 27 (0)13 010 1240
BLOEMFONTEIN 27 (0)51 448 5042
PORT ELIZABETH 27 (0)41 1804312
NAMIBIA 26 (4)61 331150

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