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A complete solution to drive your business growth.

Your complete wet cleaning solution.
Cost effective. Eco-friendly. Smarter for business.

SoftWash® is an ecological wet cleaning innovation that is simple to install and smarter for business. Faster than dry cleaning, and with less energy costs, SoftWash® is a non-toxic process that’s ideal for delicate garments and textiles. The result is more cleaning opportunities for you, happier customers and maximum profitability.


The SoftWash® Wet Cleaning Process


SoftWash® offers a cost-effective, eco-friendly wet cleaning solution for all fabrics.

Every aspect is already considered and arranged for you so that you simply focus on running your profitable business. Our package includes all the products you’ll need: detergents, dedicated software programs, installation and training. We offer the ONLY fully ‘green’ process from start to finish. We’ll also make sure you get full after sales support and assistance, together with our special 3 year warranty on all of your washer or drier.


CINET has run independent performance tests for the wet cleaning process. Results have established that the wet cleaning system adheres to the quality standards of professional textile care systems. Click here to view the certificate or contact us for more information.


Unique programs developed by the world’s leading experts. Process delicate fabrics more thoroughly, more gently, and at lower cost. Unparalleled ratios for capacity offer unparalleled production.  Fully programmable OPTimum control – The most delicate of all drying processes. Unique Energy Saving with the worlds most accurate Overdry Prevention Technology (OPT). Specific wet cleaning programs for washers and tumblers, working in perfect synergy with the world leaders in Wet Cleaning detergents and Spotting chemicals. Your partners: Global leaders in Wet Cleaning Equipment manufacture and supply. Global leaders in wet cleaning chemical technology, and Lead’s skilled people trained in real life working environments.   Industry-best warranty conditions show our commitment to service, and our faith in the most reliable equipment available anywhere in the world.

LEAD has uniquely been serving both the professional laundry AND traditional Dry Cleaning sector for more than 30 years. We know how vital it is for you to be able to provide a premium quality laundry or dry cleaning service. We also know how seldom a truly game-changing innovation comes around. SoftWash® is revolutionary and it’s set to change the industry as we know it. It is ‘The Smart Choice for Laundry’.

Offering tremendous investor appeal, SoftWash® is an ideal opportunity to transform your existing laundry, dry or wet cleaning operation into a next generation business.



The Wet Cleaning Solution

  • One of the biggest laundry business innovations in 100 years
  • A powerful ‘dry-to-dry’ process
  • Multi use machine – wash regular laundry using the same equipment
  • Taps into an existing customer base.



Wet-Cleaning-sustainable-solutions-no-toxic-chemicalsSOLUTIONS FOR TOXIC SOLVENTS 
A Handbook for Scaling up Safe and Sustainable Alternatives in the Dry Cleaning Industry.



SoftWash® offers something traditional Dry Cleaning can’t.

  • It is a user-friendly cleaning product
  • Quick and effective in the removal of tough stains such as grease, oil and wax
  • Just as fast as traditional dry cleaning methods
  • Easier to work with, better for customers’ and the operator’s health.
  • Achieves brighter colours and whiter whites – no use of recycled solvent
  • SmartCLEAN improves productivity and requires very little staff training.
  • SmartCLEAN Spotting chemicals – the only solvent-free spotting chemical.

Regular Wet Cleaning VS SoftWash®

Regular wet cleaning disadvantages

  • No effective treatment for oil stain removal
  • Higher risk
  • Increased risk of shrinkage, wrinkling and colour fading
  • Smaller range of fabrics processed
  • Longer processing times caused by having to drip dry more fabric types

SoftWash® dry-to-dry process advantages

  • Superior stain removal
  • Minimal wrinkling
  • Efficient AND environmentally friendly pre-spotting for fat stains
  • Mostly no need to hang garments
  • Widest possible range of fabrics processed
  • Uniquely Colour Fast – no colour run


SoftWash® : So much more than regular Wet Cleaning

  • Fastest: the whole dry-to-dry process only takes one hour
  • Greater output: up to 50% more output than Regular Wet Cleaning
  • Consistently outperforms: outstanding cleaning quality, odour and touch, full colour restoration and garment shape maintenance
  • Lower costs per kilo textile cleaned on average (20 – 30%)
  • Cleans a greater variety of garments than any other technology
  • Less pre-spotting needed due to its superior grease removal
  • No Solvents in pre spotting agents
  • Easy to set up: few technical modifications required
  • Easy to utilise: 3 programs cover nearly all of a cleaner’s requirements
  • Hassle-free to switch over: replaces solvent machines with little additional investment and training. Can replace any solvent-based traditional cleaning system.



SmartCLEAN is superior!

  • The first and only dry-to-dry wet cleaning process.
  • No change to the existing working habits of any cleaning business.
  • Can replace a dry cleaning solvent system.
  • Minimal labour specialisation required.
  • Better cleaning quality, colour brightness, touch and a fresh smelling odour than any other process. It has none of the disadvantages of the solvent systems.


The solution that’s right for you.

Laundry is what we do. We know the industry inside out and we focus all of our skill, resources and innovation on delivering world-leading laundry solutions for our customers.

SoftWash® offers you the perfect opportunity to convert your established dry cleaning operation or on-premises laundry into a state-of-the-art, new technology wet cleaning business that’s kinder to your staff, your customers and the environment. This is because SoftWash® doesn’t require the use of harmful solvents but rather a small amount of water and biodegradable detergents.

Why SoftWash® wet cleaning is simply smarter

Better for your staff and the environment.
• A non-toxic, environmentally safe process
• Only uses a small amount of water, biodegradable soap and conditioners.

Better for fabrics.
• Wet clean delicate fabrics using special software and computer-controlled washer-extractors and tumble dryers to maximise results and optimise performance.
• A 100% drying process that’s also safe for fabrics.
• A gentle process that extends the life of all fabrics, linen and garments.
• Suitable for the widest range of fabric and fibre types.

Better for your business.
• Reduces your energy costs
• Just as fast as traditional day cleaning – The whole process – cleaning, drying and finishing – takes only one hour. • Dryers equipped with Over-dry Prevention Technology (OPT) ensure garments are 100% dry. • Gives you operational flexibility. Wet clean and wash regular laundry using the same equipment.

The process from start to finish.

SoftWash® wet cleaning features many advantages throughout the process, such as: • Forceful mechanical movement of the linen in washing machines is avoided – meaning that delicate items can also be cleaned in this way. • Shrinkage during the cleaning process is prevented by washing briefly at low temperatures with only slight mechanical movements, and by adding special detergents to protect the garment. Chemical treatment applies to the fibre to create a microscopic film covering the surface, coating the scale of the wool fibres. The film reduces friction and therefore eliminates entanglement. • Fibre-protecting components in the detergent can prevent fibres from swelling and wool from losing its scales.


Wet Cleaning Process


Wet Cleaning Client Testimonials

  The following South African laundries are offering the new Wet Cleaning SoftWash® solution.   Opposite Gardens Shopping Centre, 189 Buitenkant St, CBD, Cape Town   Speediwash is a well-established walk-in retail laundry situated in Upper Buitenkant Street, opposite the Gardens Shopping Centre, servicing the needs of private residencies, guest…