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shirt-stain-spottingAs with conventional Dry Cleaning the ‘art’ of spotting in the Wet Cleaning process is integral to the successful pre treatment of stains and to the sucessful cleaning of delicate garments.

Our range of Spotting tables (including our unique new Mercury Mini Spotting table for smaller operations) allows you to take full advantage of our unique and environemtally friendly Spotting Chemicals. 

Unlike traditional Dry Cleaning spotting agents our range of unique spotting chemicals are solvent free and environmentally friendly while at the same time being effective, forgiving of mistakes and simple to understand. Innovations in formulation and design over recent years have significantly lowered the knowledge and experience required to spot effectively, and has in so doing opened up the possibility of cleaning difficult stains on delicate garments to the average launderer.

SoftWash® | Spotting Chemicals

Universal Pre-Spotter Pro-Spray CONCENTRATED PRE-SPOTTER Highly effective universal pre-spotter for most common stains and soil including light grease stains. Great for collars, cuffs, bottom of dresses, pants. May be applied with a brush or (diluted) with a spray bottle. May be diluted with water (for wet cleaning and laundry applications)…