Lead Laundry and Dry Cleaning Equipment

Washer Extractors

Washers washer extractors commercial laundryFrom the world’s largest commercial laundry companies, this ‘best of breed’ equipment allows users to find a solution for each washing process with the objective at all times of achieving the best washing action with the lowest possible energy consumption.

Equipment with unparalleled track records in standing up to any commercial laundry challenge. No compromises in build quality or in performance make these the most profitable machines in the industry – without exception.

Stacked washer/Drier combination also available where space prohibits multiple single washers and driers.

Top Load Washer Extractors

100 Years is a long time for any company to be at the forefront on an industry. For more than a century Speed Queen has refused to be outdone in reliability and efficiency. The longest agitation arc in the industry for unmatched cleaning results. A spin speed that ranks amongst the highest in the industry. An exclusive stainless steel tub that gets smoother with use and carries a lifetime guarantee. Fast cycle times allow Laundromat owners to capitalise on the opportunities for additional profits.

Front Load Washer Extractors

From Speed Queen and Girbau – the two global leaders in washer extractor technology. Energy efficient, cost efficient and built with commercial reliability. Savings of up to 40% in water when compared with some commercial top load washers. High spin speeds mean lower residual moisture, and less moisture means reduced drying times and large savings in electricity. Microprocessors allow for cycle programming option and limited audit capability.