Classic Line Tumble Driers


Think maximum throughput.

• More powerful heating elements
• Suitable for laundry operators who place a premium on time
• Best in class consumption of energy
• Optimal throughput
• Faster drying time
• Built by the world’s best tumble dryer manufacturer
• Easy to use, simple to maintain
• Reliability
• Over-Dry Prevention Technology


  • ST050-industrial-on-premise-tumble-drier

    Classic Line Tumble Driers


A full range of powerful driers from the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial tumble driers. Best in class energy consumption, optimal throughput and faster cycles. Suitable for laundry operators who place a premium on time, or those that process their own linen and wish to extend linen life by reducing drying time.

Speed Queen understands that laundry owners are looking for balance between the lowest cost per litre of water evaporated, and the fastest drying cycle. With OPT (Over Drying Prevention) – the most accurate, and maintenance free Residual Moisture Control system available anywhere in the world – no brushes that are subject to contamination and wear, accumulating dirt and becoming less accurate with time. Speed Queen’s revolutionary Rotary Transfer switch will withstand ‘tens of millions’ of rotations and never lose accuracy. Tumble drying is the most expensive piece of equipment in your laundry to run, and so optimizing the drying process is fundamental to a laundry’s profitability. Over drying is widely regarded as an industry wide phenomenon, leading to extra utility costs, added wear and tear on linen and unnecessary labour costs.


  • Smaller elements and optimum efficiency
  • OPT – the most accurate, flexible and maintenance free RMC (Residual Moisture Control) available in the industry
  • Quantum Gold: versatile programming – over 30 factory preset or customized cycles
  • Cycle flexibility and programmable temperatures for excellent fabric care
  • Superior energy efficiency a 354 cubic litres of airflow per second on industry leading 23 kg drier
  • Nine ‘pre-treat’ stages to increase corrosion resistance on embossed steel
  • Electrostatically applied paint, baked for superior bonding
  • Large, easy to clean lint compartment and reversible door
  • All-belt drive aiding noise reduction and allowing for reduced maintenance costs
SG030 SG050 SG075 SG120 SG170  SG200
Brand / Supplier Speed Queen
Capacity (kg) 14 23 34  55  77 90
Drum Volume (l) 271 528 634  1021  1408  1656
Drum Material Galvanised Steel
Drum ø (mm) 673 939 939  1118  1289  1289
Drum Depth (mm) 762 762 914  1041  1080  1270
Width (mm) 711 981 981  1178  1349  1349
Depth (mm) 1191 1226 1378  1725  1749  1948
Height (mm) 1622 1946 1946  2177  2388  2388
Net Weight (kg) 150 247 279  624  760  820
Operation Dual Digital or Coin Operated Micromaster 2 Microprocessor Control
Temperature Setting Variable Variable Variable  Variable  Variable  Variable
No. Of Motors 1 2 2  2  2  2
Motors (kW) 0,19 0,38/0,24 0.375/0.248  0.746/0.559  2.23/0.559  2.23/0.559
Exhaust ø (mm) 152 203 203  254  305 305
Air Flow (l per sec) 203 354 354  755 1156 1156
Steam Connection (mm) 19 19 19  19 19,05 (Inlet)
25,4 (Outlet)
19,05 (Inlet)
25,4 (Outlet)
Heating Element (kW) 21 30 36  60  N/A  N/A
Electrical Rating 380/50/3 380/50/3 380/50/3  380/50/3 380/50/3  380/50/3

All models available in gas.


Coin-operated Activation and Security (Model ST 030)

StrongBox Security™ on both washers and driers provides top-of-the-industry security to deter vandalism.

World Coin Drop
Electronic coin validation with a ‘teach’ function allowing you to train your equipment to accept any denomination, or even tokens. More accurate, more secure, less maintenance and the way of the future.