SILC S/115 – Table Model Laundry Press

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    SILC S/115


SILC Spa was created in 1968 by Walter Darini, the owner and president, in order to manufacture industrial pressing equipment for the drycleaning and laundry sectors as well as the garment industry.

SILC is based in Jesi and occupies a total covered area of 10,000 sq.mtrs, divided into two plants, one situated in Via Campania, and the other in Via dell’Industria. 80% of the equipment manufactured by SILC is exported worldwide.

Traditional markets for SILC are countries of the European community ( France, England and Spain being the leaders), and the Eastern block countries ( mainly Russia, Czech Republic, Poland and Bulgaria).

Also of considerable importance in the Mediterrean area ( Tunisia, Marocco, Algeria, Greece, Turkey), middle eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Arab Emirates, Lebanon and Jordan, the Far East countries such as, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan and South America ( Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia).

SILC S/115T Table Model Laundry Press
Brand / Supplier Silc
Worktop 1150 x 400mm
Dimensions 1150 x 700 x 600mm
Temperature 0 – 200 degrees celcius
Time 0″ – 99″/sec
Pressure 0 – 250 gr/cm
kW Rating 3 kW
Voltage 220/50/1
Net Weight 75kg

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