Client Testimonials

The following South African laundries are offering the new Wet Cleaning SoftWash® solution.


Opposite Gardens Shopping Centre, 189 Buitenkant St, CBD, Cape Town


Speediwash is a well-established walk-in retail laundry situated in Upper Buitenkant Street, opposite the Gardens Shopping Centre, servicing the needs of private residencies, guest houses and small businesses mainly in the Vredehoek / Gardens / Oranjezicht area of the Cape Town City Bowl. As well as a full laundry service Speediwash also offers: Alterations & Mending, Dyeing, Dry Cleaning and Shoe, Boot and Bag Repairs.

Speediwash recently invested in a Wet Cleaning system from Lead Laundry to augment their dry cleaning and delicate fabric cleaning services.

Elspeth, the owner, had this to say: “When Lead Laundry presented their SoftWash® solution to us as an environmentally-friendly alternative to Dry Cleaning we immediately showed interest as many of our clients are young and care very much about the environment. After conducting our own research we decided to purchase the ‘all-in-one’ Speed Queen entry-level system from Lead Laundry which included the equipment, the soaps, solutions, spotting agents and most importantly the training.
What we learned was that SoftWash® Wet Cleaning is not just about a new machine, it is a whole process starting from the examination and pre-treatment of the garment through to the post-treatment and hanging of the garment ready for collection. Knowing the fabric, colour and the condition of the garment is key to successful wet cleaning.
So far we are very happy with the results and have even cleaned suede and leather garments as well as delicate fabrics considered to be too risky for dry cleaning.


Shop 1, Richwood Shopping Centre, 6 Buitengracht Drive, Richwood, Cape Town


The quality of life depends also on hygiene. Cleaning however, must not be done at the expense of the environment. The pollution and contamination of water and the ground is a global problem and is each and everyone’s responsibility to prevent it.
HYGIvit’s business model is to prevent pollution and contamination of the environment by providing a complete commercial and industrial laundry service that is service orientated, quality driven and eco-friendly. HYGIvit’s laundry service compliments the rest of HYGIvit’s services and products offerings which are eco-friendly saturated dry steam cleaning and chemicals. HYGIvit is a member of SATSA (South African Textile Services Association). SATSA works close with the following institutions in defining and updating legislation applicable to the laundry industry; SABS, SETA, Department of Health and ACR.

Taking the above into consideration, HYGIvit took the decision to invest in the ‘SoftWash®’ wet cleaning solution from Lead Laundry. Besides the main factor that (1) ‘SoftWash®’ is eco-friendly, HYGIvit is now able to provide (2) a shorter turnaround time to our customers and (3) the machines are versatile enabling HYGIvit to also use it for normal laundry processing, and (4) using our existing OTP dryers.

Gerard du Merwe (Director), had this to say: “HYGIvit had amazing results exceeding expectations with the use of ‘SoftWash®’ – which includes delicate garments, suits, ties, wedding dresses made of silk, wool, lace, leather, cotton, polyester, etc.
The water based spotting solvents are a pleasure and safer to work with versus the traditional harsh dry cleaning spotting agents. The ‘SoftWash®’ solution also makes the finishing of garments easier with a quicker turnaround time.
HYGIvit received very informative and professional consultation and training from Lead Laundry, enabling us to provide wet cleaning service with comfort.

Seaside Laundry

Seaside Village Shopping Centre, Otto du Plessis Dr & Cormorant Ave, Big Bay, Cape Town, 1446


Seaside Laundry is an established laundromat that has been operated by Soon Zevenster for the past six years. This laundromat is situated in Seaside Village shopping mall that has been upgraded substantially in recent years.

Soon had the following to say: “For some time now, we at Seaside Laundry have entertained the idea of expanding our existing laundromat to also include our own dry-cleaning service.

A few months ago we were invited by Lead Laundry to attend a demonstration of the new Wet Cleaning system. We were absolutely astonished by the new technology and without hesitation decided to acquire the new combo machine.
Our staff were given on the job training by representatives of Lead Laundry. The patience, enthusiasm and professional manner with which the training was presented is of the highest standard and the after sales service is truly commendable.

The whole process, from the moment a garment is handed in at the laundry, to the pre-treatment of the garment, stain removal, correct choice of chemicals, the whole process through the machine up until the counter where a satisfied client receives a good-as-new garment is part and parcel of the training process. The big surprise was the cleaning of leather jackets and other delicate garments and the end result is astonishing.

The bonus of SoftWash® Wet Cleaning is the fact that it is almost impossible to damage any fabric and the peace of mind that comes with this is something money can’t buy.


Shop 38 & 39 Protea Mall, Cnr. Chartwell Drive and Lighthouse Road, Umhlanga, Kwa-Zulu Natal


Jeeves Dry Cleaning and Laundry owner Louis du Plessis wrote us this letter:

“Thank you for choosing Jeeves Laundry & Dry Cleaning to test the new SoftWash® Wet Cleaning machine.

I have now been using the machine for 4 months and during this time have been able to successfully clean various garment types with great success. Garments which are traditionally only processes in traditional Dry Cleaning plants like Silk, Leather. Wedding Dresses, Evening Gowns, Woollen suits and Saries were comprehensively cleaned and handled comfortably by the SoftWash® process. The simplicity of the machine and process itself enabled our staff members to operate the machine easily.

Many garments specify ‘DO NOT DRY CLEAN‘. I have cleaned these garments too without any problems and have yet to experience a ‘bad clean’.

Being familiar with the ‘Perc’ dry cleaning process (and the continual maintenance and stoppages that come with it), I find the SoftWash® machine to compare very favourably.

From a cost perspective in the size of equipment I was considering, the more tr less R38500 saving on the SoftWash® product was a major consideration for me.

Our ‘Dry Cleaning’ business has increased by about 20% to date.

The decision to purchase the SoftWash® machine was made due to the above and I have no hesitation in recommending the machine.”


Bairro de Malhamswene, Av. das Industrias, no. 513 – Edificio do Cafe Jazz Spoon


Our client’s needs were simple. They required a solution to assist them in their business plan to open a laundry in Matola, Mozambique that offers their clientele the general day to day laundry services one has become accustomed to but also wanting to capitalize on the increasing demand for dry cleaning in the region. We were able to offer our client a multi purpose use platform whereby the washer processes both the most delicate of ‘dry’ and ‘wet cleaning only’ fabrics, while also processing normal laundry by installing our SoftWash® (Wet Cleaning) Equipment.

The end result, a class leading package with full service back up to ensure a quicker return on investment for our client and the first of its kind “Lavandaria” in Mozambique setting the president for all future laundry operations and installations in the region.


22 Staal Street, Kya Sand, Johannesburg


Northern Cleaners has been in the dry cleaning industry since 1960. Their combined dry cleaning experience amounts to over 70 years. This is what they had to say…

Over the years we have tried and tested a number of Wet Cleaning systems and none of them have succeeded our expectations nor carried our satisfaction… until now!

Northern Cleaners was tasked to trial Alliance’s new Wet Cleaning system. Based on our past experiences, we were a little circumspect about the possibility of success. To our amazement, it has surpassed our expectations in every aspect.

We’ve cleaned 100% wool, silk blouses, tiles, leather and suede garments, to name a few, with ease; and to perfection.

Garments emerge smelling fresh, soft to the touch and extremely easy to finish. SoftWash®’s system is environmentally friendly, more effective than PERC and less harmful to the environment, our staff and our customers.

It is definitely a product for the conscientious cleaner looking to not only contribute to a healthier environment, but also to healthier profit margins.

We endorse it wholeheartedly.

Click here to read the recommendation letter from Raymond Bate (Director), Jackie Naiken (Manager) and Mauritz Heymans (Operations Manager) .

SoftWash® is a division of Alliance Laundry Systems, a global leader in laundry solutions.