Stacked Washer/Drier Combinations

  • WH-10E / SP-10E-stacked-washer-drier

    WH-10E / SP-10E

  • NT3J-stacked-washer-drier


Tullis extractors

Tullis offers a new range of professional laundry products specially designed for small establishments (hairdressers’, gyms, camp sites, small lodging establishments, etc.) that require the same performance, quality and robustness as the industrial laundry machines, but with greater versatility, a more compact size and a more affordable price.

The range of compact washers and dryers are very advantageous with their reduced dimensions, and in view of their load capacities and stackable options, making them a good solution for small spaces.

The LAP10 and SRP10 are easily installable as part of a stack.

A washer can be stacked with a dryer even if they have been ordered separately as separate machines.

Tullis extractors

The complete package, All the benefits of the industry leading front load washer with it’s reduced water consumption and high spin speed, together with the powerful performance of the Speed Queen drier – all while occupying only half the floor space of a conventional washer and drier. 100% front serviceable to limit downtime for service.

These vertical combinations allow you to utilise the same connections for installation, reducing the cost of initial set up, while also reducing your rental costs, and boosting your profitability.


ENERGY STAR® Qualified to use less energy, save money and help protect the environment.

DESCRIPTION / MODEL WH-10E Washer / SP-10E Drier NT3J Washer / LDEE5 Drier
Brand / Supplier Tullis extractors Tullis extractors
Washer Drier Washer Drier
Capacity 1/18 or 1/20 (kg) 10 / 11 10 / 11 9,5 / 11 9,5 / 22
Drum Volume (litres) 100 200 96,8 198
Drum Material Stainless Steel Galvanised Steel Stainless Steel Galvanised Steel
Size Of Perforations (mm) 4,5 N/A 4,5 N/A
Drum ø (mm) 535 590 535 630
Drum Depth (mm) 425 690 375 565
Width (mm) 680 680 683 683
Depth (mm) 742 775 711 711
Height (mm) 1040 + 1056 1986
Net Weight (kg) 150 + 93 168
Door Bottom To Floor (mm) 280 320 327 1415
Door Opening Size (mm) 373 480 395 425
Operation TP2 Quantam Gold
Temperature Setting **Variable Variable **Variable Variable
No. Of Motors 1 1 1 1
Motors (kW) 0,75 0,37 0,75 0,25
Reversing Action N/A N/A N/A N/A
Exhaust ø (mm) N/A 100 N/A 102
Air Flow (l per sec) N/A 84 N/A 105
Drain Size 35 N/A 35 N/A
Steam Connection (mm) N/A N/A N/A N/A
Steam Consumption (kg/hr) N/A N/A N/A N/A
Gas Connection (mm) N/A 13mm N/A 9,5
Gas Consumption (kcal) N/A 3500 N/A 6300
Heating Element (kW) 6 6.75/4.5 4,05 No heat
Electrical Rating 230/1/50 230/1/49 or 400/3/50 230/1/49 230/1/50

* NT3J CD – Also available in coin operation.
** If selected with heating activated.


LaundryConnect: Convenient Cashless Services

SA’S First Complete Payment Solution for the Laundry Industry.


LaundryConnect offers an affordable and adaptable payment gateway that is fast becoming the system of choice. It is ideal for all forms of accommodation, universities, apartment blocks, drop-off laundry services.

  • Track sales real-time
  • Support customer queries quickly, effectively & remotely
  • View performance of your machines & understand why transactions failed, remotely
  • Improve pricing offers & track inflation
  • No more cash theft & handling fees
  • Easy to Implement
  • Reliable
  • Convenient vending experience

LaundryConnect works with Zapper, SnapScan and Closed Loop Systems (MiFare cards)


LaundryConnect is brought to you by

Stacked Washer / Drier Combinations: Coin-operated Systems


Traditional coin-operation activation systems are largely being replaced by LaundryConnect’s Cashless Payment Gateway. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this transition.

Historically, front load washer coin-operated systems included World Coin Drop: Electronic coin validation with a ‘teach’ function allowing you to train your equipment to accept any denomination, or even tokens.

This system can be used simultaneously with the LaundryConnect Cashless Payment Solution.

It’s very simple to integrate or replace your existing coin mech with LaundryConnect. Cashless services are convenient and hassle-free and are the way of the future.

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