Tullis Industrial Tumble Dryers

  • S-330 / S-440

  • S-550 / S-660

  • S-900 / S-1200 / S-1500


Tullis presents a complete and advanced range of tumble dryers designed to protect both clothing and the environment. Offering the best technological innovations available, such as the new smart, easy-to-use control guarantees optimum care for clothes. Ergonomic machines feature components that make use and proper maintenance easy.

A generation designed with a complete and precise set of features designed to provide exceptional water and energy efficiency.

Touch Plus Control

A new fully programmable microprocessor with 20 preset programmes that can be modified during operation and the ability to create, export and import new programmes (USB).

The Tullis SR range includes a 7-inch touchscreen that is very intuitive and easy to use, has 37 available languages and a USB port for software updates. The touch screen offers an innovative use that increases income prospects for both self-service laundries and individuals: advertising.

Designed for your well-being and convenience


Maximum Convenience

The Tullis SR Range has been designed with the user’s convenience in mind. That is why one of the factors in the design of this range was to equip all the dryers with the largest door dimensions on the market. Also, the direction of opening can be set there and then (in the 161 to 35 kg models*) by simply rotating the front panel. For all models, it is possible to have the doors set in the factory so that they open in the opposite direction. This makes loading and unloading the dryer easier and more ergonomic. The dryers also include a large stainless steel lint filter which is more ergonomic and easier to clean.

*Special order only


SR tumble dryers offer the possibility of personalising the machines according to the specific needs of each client. Choose from the options available and we will deliver the machines with these options already installed and tested in the factory.

OPL – Self-service

The machines can be changed from OPL (industrial washing) to Self-service and vice versa using the TP2 control.

Wet Cleaning

We offer you the most flexible option on the market for implementing a Wet Cleaning solution. The machines are flexible, since both the washers and the dryers have the option of creating different phases per programme with all the custom parameters required by each provider of wet cleaning detergent.

Incredible construction characteristics


Stainless Steel Drum

Manufactured with stainless steel finishes, provides excellent quality and durability.

Soft Touch

In accordance with the Fagor Industrial efficiency and sustainability standards, all the dryers of the SR range include a perforated drum that guarantees delicate treatment of garments, therefore lengthening their useful life.

Automatic Reverse Rotation

All the models offer automatic reverse drum rotation. This makes the drying process more efficient and it offers greater uniformity in the clothes drying process. It also prevents clothes from becoming tangled.

Frequency Inverter

The ABB Inverter system included in all models and sizes of SR dryers controls the rotation speed and the reverse rotation of the drum.

Maximum Freshness

Competitive Difference

An innovative fragrance dispenser provides an easy way to make your self-service laundry stand out from the competition, as the clothes will come out of the dryer with a specific fragrance, giving your customers a unique experience. A pleasant smell in their clothes will help keep your customers satisfied and make sure they come back in the future.

Easy to Install

The kit consists of the dispensing nozzle, pump and housing set with the instructions for the model for simple mounting.

Maximum Control

Compatible with the Advance Plus and Advance ranges with TP2 control.

Technological innovations for a sustainable machine



The new Tullis Industrial moisture sensor, together with the temperature sensor at the drum entrance, offers precise control of the moisture levels of clothing. The system automatically stops the drying cycle once the established residual moisture level has been reached. This prevents unnecessary prolongation of the drying cycle and the wear of clothing, while significantly reducing energy use. It is available in the SR-35 model as standard and in the RS-14 model as optional.


Efficient Air Flow

All models offer a large, ergonomic lint filter and improved airflow. These features, together with the innovative stainless steel filter tray and the option to incorporate a larger than normal filter diameter (0.3 mm), provide increased drying efficiency.

Optimum Efficiency, Optimum Care


Mixed Flow

The new axial-radial mixed airflow system of the Tullis SR tumble dryers increases efficiency throughout the whole drying process thanks to improved airflow inside the drum.


Total Flow

An innovative and optimised mixed airflow for SR-35 dryers. The standard axial-radial airflow (mixed flow) is complemented by additional openings to optimised the air circuit and reach maximum efficiency.

NOTE: Re Capacity
Different manufacturers use different ratios of drum volume to calculate capacity. For example:
Manufacturer A: 180L drum volume @ 1:18 = 10kg
Manufacturer B: 180L drum volume @ 1:20 = 9kg
NB. The capacity is the same in both cases.
DESCRIPTION / MODEL S-330 S-440 S-550 S-660 S-900 S-1200 S-1500
Brand / Supplier speed-queen-tumble-driers-washers
Capacity 1/20 (kg) 17 22 28 33 45 60 75
Capacity 1/18 (kg) 18 24 31 37 50 67 83
Drum Volume (l) 330 438 549 660 896 1,202 1,500
Drum Material Stainless Steel
Drum ø (mm) 750 835 947 947 1,225 1,225 1,225
Width (mm) 785 890 985 985 1,270 1,270 1,270
Depth (mm) 1125 1255 1054 1210 1,106 1,366 1,598
Height (mm) 1694 1812 1975 1946 2,380 2,380 2,380
Net Weight (kg) 187 210 230 260 395 529 657
Operation OPL / Coin / Cashless Payment
Control Location Front
Colour Grey Skin Plate
Temperature Setting Variable
Power Drum Motor (kW) 0,37 0,37 0,55 0,55 0,75 1,1 1,5
Power Fan Motor (kW) 0,55 0,55 0,55 0,55 1,1 1,1 1,1
Exhaust ø (mm) 200 200 200 200 300 300 300
Air Flow (m3/h) 850 1,200 1,200 1,200 3,000 3,000 3,000
Heating Element (kW) 18 24 30 36 54 72 72
Electrical Rating 400-50-3 400-50-3 400-50-3 400-50-3 400-50-3 400-50-3 400-50-3


LaundryConnect: Convenient Cashless Services

SA’S First Complete Payment Solution for the Laundry Industry.


LaundryConnect offers an affordable and adaptable payment gateway that is fast becoming the system of choice. It is ideal for all forms of accommodation, universities, apartment blocks, drop-off laundry services.

  • Track sales real-time
  • Support customer queries quickly, effectively & remotely
  • View performance of your machines & understand why transactions failed, remotely
  • Improve pricing offers & track inflation
  • No more cash theft & handling fees
  • Easy to Implement
  • Reliable
  • Convenient vending experience

LaundryConnect works with Zapper, SnapScan and Closed Loop Systems (MiFare cards)


LaundryConnect is brought to you by

Coin-operated Systems


Traditional coin-operation activation systems are largely being replaced by LaundryConnect’s Cashless Payment Gateway. The Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating this transition.

Historically tumble dryer’s coin-operated systems include World Coin Drop: Electronic coin validation with a ‘teach’ function allowing you to train your equipment to accept any denomination, or even tokens.

This system can be used simultaneously with the LaundryConnect Cashless Payment Solution.

It’s very simple to integrate or replace your existing coin mech with LaundryConnect. Cashless services are convenient and hassle-free and are the way of the future.

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