fagor lead laundry
Fagor offers integral solutions for the hotel and catering, and laundry sectors.

Based in Spain, the fifth largest appliance manufacturer in Europe, the leading appliance manufacturer in both Spain and France, and the #1 induction cooktop producer in the European Market. Fagor is a worldwide leader in manufacturing components for household appliances, semiconductors, castings for the automobile industry, numerical control systems, cookware and accessories since 1954. The Fagor brand is currently present in 100 countries, employs more than 12,000 people in 17 countries and operates 16 factories in 3 continents.

Since opening their offices in 1992, the brand name has become synonymous with high-quality stainless steel pressure cookers. Fagor is currently positioned as a top cookware brand, sold at major retailers nationwide and our presence has been largely responsible for the resurgence of pressure cooker sales in the US. Along with Pressure cookers, Fagor America also offers a line of specialty cookware.

In 2005, Fagor America established its appliance division in the US. Fagor Appliances bring together the most cutting edge technology and modern design features with a focus on energy efficiency and eco-friendly living. The line includes integrated and semi integrated dishwashers, induction, radiant and gas cooktops, range hoods, refrigerators, wall ovens, washers & dryers and stainless steel storage centers.

Production Plants:

• 7 in Spain
• 5 in France
• 1 in Italy
• 1 in Poland
• 1 in China
• 1 in Morocco


• France
• Italy
• Portugal
• United Kingdom
• Switzerland
• Holland
• Denmark
• Poland
• Czech Republic
• Hungary
• China
• Germany
• Singapore
• Thailand
• Morocco
• Malaysia

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