Girbau Innovative Laundry Solutions

girbauindustrial and commercial laundry
GIRBAU S.A. is a family company that has established itself as one of the main international groups in the manufacture of equipment for all types of laundries, regardless of size or activity sector.

With production centers in Spain and France, specializing in the different product lines covering all the processes in an industrial laundry facility.
Also, Girbau has created two specialized divisions to deal with customer’s singularities: Commercial Laundry Division: for small and medium laundries and Industrial Laundry Division: for heavy-duty laundries.
From the outset Girbau’s philosophy has always been its closeness to its customers. In 1989 it thus began a process of internationalisation which continues to advance.

It currently has 13 commercial branches around the world, together with a distribution network and a technical assistance service in more than 80 countries.

Commercial Laundry Division

The Girbau commercial laundry division, an expert on the particularities of each sector ( nursing home, or a coin-op laundry, or a health-care centre, a gymnasium, a rural inn, etc.) has developed a wide range of products designed to personalize the washing solution fitting for every type of facility.

The division is organized into two Girbau Group production centres:
• Small and medium capacity washers and ironers
• Small and medium capacity washing machines manufacturing lines.

Industrial Laundry Division

When a facility is planned for a high production capacity laundry, the challenge begins for the Girbau Group to create a new venture able to obtain the maximum profitability for the level of quality demanded.

Obtaining is only possible when the proper equipment is provided for the production needs and the most efficient criteria are applied throughout the operational process.
With its experience, the heavy-duty laundry division of the Girbau Group works hard to assure that the laundry complies with these keys to assure the success of its client’s company: equipment optimization, streamlined laundry circulation flows, process automation, minimum energy consumption and respect towards the environment.

The division is organized into two production centres:
•  Washing lines (batch washer, press and dryers) and accessory machinery.
• Process automation machinery (monorail loading systems, feeders, folders, stackers).

The philosophy behind Girbau’s vision of the laundry world consists of creating packages of laundry solutions adapted to each sector, so that each customer can easily find the solution they are looking for.