Grandimpianti Intelligent Laundry Equipment


Grandimpianti I.L.E. is an Italian company operating since 1972 in the production of industrial washing machines and laundry equipment for small and medium laundries that proposes a complete range of systems for washing, drying and ironing.

The company invested energy and time in searching of the ultimate solution for the textile care, proposing a lean and flexible production model, which concentrates its resources on the design and product innovation, sales strategies and customer service. Grandimpianti considers the laundry industry as an integrated process that is aimed to reach the best quality saving energy and respecting the environment.

An excellent local district for mechanical and steel processing developed in the North-East during those years. Grandimpianti I.L.E. took advantage of this situation commissioning to the local companies the realisation of some components while design, assembly and quality control management were strictly in-house made. So the company has been able to concentrate its resources on product design and innovation, on prompt deliveries and on sales strategies.

Its location behind the Bellunese Dolomites park (the mountain chain is a UNESCO World Heritage site) has always made the company sensitive to the environment, making innovation and eco-sustainable research its activity’s main points of inspiration.

Spirit of excellence that Grandimpianti I.L.E. has been sharing with parent company, ALI Group S.p.A., since 1999.

The fabric and cleaning products evolution have always stimulated the company to improve control in the washing process by making a component that is noteworthy in the market. Complete management of the washing process with solutions studied for the most basic to the most complex needs. The company, indeed, treats the laundry industry as an integrated process optimizing results, saving energy and caring for our ever so precious environment.

Innovative solutions for the textile care and the laundry industry.

Since 1997, Grandimpianti I.L.E. has decided to invest in ironing process using plates made of extruded anodized aluminium. It was the first company to launch an electronic control on the market in 1998 equipped with standard temperature regulation (PID operations) and integrated roller speed regulation. Various patents have been applied to the roller ironers since then, exalting and guaranteeing unquestioned performances both thermally as well as mechanically.

In the drying’s field Grandimpianti I.L.E. developed an important project in 2007 to resolve this delicate aspect by adopting the innovative technology available on the market and the company knowledge: improvement margins were, in fact, considerable just like the results!