Sidi Mondial

sidi laundry machinery
SIDI MONDIAL Finishing Equipment
 is an Italian company founded in the early 60’s which has become internationally known for the production of professional finishing presses.

Highly innovative technologies have resulted in a wide range of “self sufficient “ presses with built-in boiler, able to meet the requirements of big industrial laundries but also of small businesses, thus favouring a capillary introduction of the company on all world markets.

The expert management of the synergies along with a consistent research and development work for new technologies applied to the finishing , have constantly promoted the brand SIDI overall and have led the company to enrich its range of products.

Today the company offers a complete and wide range of finishing machines able to satisfy all different requirements of the most demanding customers in the various fields of dry-cleaning , laundry , garment manufacturing and hotel industries.

Simple concepts summarize SIDI’s business philosophy : constant market analysis to acknowledge its requirements and promptness to meet them at best ; with assurance of a high quality standard and an exceptional customer service through a careful and scrupulous pre and post sale attendance.

Sidi Mondial supplies the following equipment:

• professional finishing equipment
• equipment for finishing wet-cleaning processed
• professional ironing tables
• form finishers and cabinets for jackets
• shirt finishers
• pants toppers
• professional spotting tables and cabinets
• professional finishing presses for laundries and
• air-operated collar and cuff press
• electric steam generators