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Ironing Boards

  • Gamma-hand-Ironing-board-laundry-equipment

    Gamma Ironing Board

  • ALFA ARS-hand-ironing-table


  • FIT-ironing-board-laundry-equipment

    FIT Ironing Table

Basic and sturdy Gamma Industrial Ironing board with 15 amp plug point and hanging brackets for commercial bottle iron. Paired generally with commercial bottle iron Sewoong model PEN 520.

ALFA ARS folded heated Vacuum Ironing table for more accurate, higher quality and faster finishing. Generally paired with MITO-3 Commercial Iron with electric steam generator (manual water filling). 1kW Vacuum motor sucks the garment to the board and pulls steam from the iron through the garment. 0.6kW heated board ensures heat on the underside of garments for faster and higher quality finish.

Model Description Gamma   Model
Ironing Board – Industrial   Folded Heated Vacuum Ironing Table
Brand / Supplier Lead   Brand / Supplier Lead
Width 1200mm   Vacuum Motor 0.1kW
Depth 480mm   Board Heating 0.6kW
Height 1590mm   Vacuum Outlet Diameter 80mm
Net Weight 9kg   Board Dimensions 1100 x 370 x 230mm
      Max Height 900mm
      Net Weight 26kg
      Voltage 220/50/1

FIT Ironing Table
Where your finishing requirement needs to cater to large items (like sheets), but where the volume to be processed does not justify the substantial investment required for a roller iron; then we have custom made an ironing table to meet your needs. At a fraction of the cost of a roller iron you achieve a 5 star finish with two hand irons operating from each side of the table. Perforated table top clad in a tailor made padding allows steam and moisture to escape underneath the table for best ironing results. A 15 amp plug point, two utility hooks and a suitable platform for a miniboiler are located at each of the two ironing stations. Operate with Sewoong Pen 520, or ideally the Minivapour for best results.

Model Description FIT
Ironing Table – Industrial
Brand / Supplier Lead
Width 80cm
Depth 250cm ironing surface + 2 side plates of 30cm each total 310cm
Height (Table) 82cm
Height (overall) 198cm
 Weight  +/- 60kg

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