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SoftWash ® washer-extractors and dryers are smartly designed to meet the highest standards, built to extend linen life, reduce water usage and utility costs, maximise productivity, and above all programmed to protect the most delicate fibers. The heavy-duty construction provides dependable operation and assures your equipment will be in service for years to come.

Operational Features include:

  • Unique Programming: Specifically developed and unique programs developed by the world’s leading authority – designed to protect delicate fabrics.
  • Gentle Mechanical Action – the frequency controlled motor guarantees a gentle mechanical action of the drum, resulting in the smooth operation of your washer.
  • Faster draining – the 3-inch drain valve ensures a faster draining and a shorter cycle time.
  • Easy loading and unloading – the large door (diameter 400mm) enables easy loading and unloading of the linen, which is convenient when dealing with larger items.
  • Multi-purpose use – your washer processes both the most delicate of ‘dry’ and ‘wet cleaning only’ fabrics, while also processing normal laundry. That means a better ROI for your business.
  • G-force – From 0 to 350G is a force suitable for all fabrics while software settings for ‘extreme care’ are limited to 800RPM.

When you switch to SoftWash®, you have access to a complete solution. Every aspect is already considered and arranged for you so that you can simply focus on running your profitable business.


When you switch to SoftWash®, you have access to a complete solution. Every aspect is already considered and arranged for you so that you can simply focus on running your profitable business.

Your dedicated SoftWash® equipment range:


SmartKit 90 – NT3J Stacked Washer / Dryer
The complete package. All the benefits of a small front load washer with it’s reduced water consumption, high spin speed, and unique wet clean programs – matched with the most finely tuned and delicate of driers – all while occupying only half the floor space of a conventional washer and drier. 100% front serviceable to limit downtime for service.


Soft Mount Washers (SmartKit 135 – 240)
Our strength comes from within. Build quality, reliability and efficiency, backed by more than 100 years of industry experience make this washer ‘the proven performer’. Flexible installation, high extract speeds of up to 400G, inverter driven for best fabric care and lowest energy consumption, stainless steel construction and Super Intelligent control with 99 pre-set programs uniquely preprogramed not only for the most delicate Wet Cleaning, but for conventional laundry operation too.Making this machine the No.1 contender for world’s most advanced washer extractor.


Tumble Dryers (SmartKit 135 – 240)
A full range of powerful driers from the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial tumble driers. Best in class energy consumption, optimal throughput and faster cycles for conventional laundry and yet pre programmed to protect the most delicate of all fabrics while wet cleaning. Suitable for laundry operators who place a premium on time, or Wet Cleaning businesses wanting to offer the widest range of fabric protection and processing capability.

Determining the right SoftWash ® solution for your operation:

Our packages includes all the products you’ll need: spotting chemicals, detergents, equipment with dedicated software programs, installation and training.We’ll also make sure you get full after sales support and assistance,together with our special 3 year warranty on all of your equipment.

Solution Model Laundry SoftWash load Max. No. of items
SmartKIT 90 Washer &
Dryer NT3J
9,5kg per load 4,5kg per load 7
SmartKIT 135 Washer SY135
Dryer SG030
13.5kg per load 6,5kg per load 10
SmartKIT 180 Washer SY180
Dryer SG050
18kg per load 9kg per load 12
SmartKIT 240 Washer &
Dryer SG050
24Kg per load 12kg per load 20


Our SoftWash® Pumps are simply unique. Unlike the conventional peristaltic pumps used by competitors the SoftWash® Pump has no mechanical/moving parts and is operated entirely by water pressure. This means the SoftWash® pump performance doesn’t deteriorate with time as is the case with other pumps. This deterioration causes inaccuracies in detergent dosage and exposes fabrics to potential damage which costs you money and loses you customers.

Not so with the SoftWash® pump, which requires almost no maintenance and whose accuracy remains constant year after year.

With the SoftWash® pump you wont need to constantly check that your dosing is correct, you wont need to spend money replacing pipes, and you will deliver consistent levels of cleaning performance in perpetuity.

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