Nova Ironing Table

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    Nova Ironing Table

Vacuum/blowing ironing table.

For relatively moderate production volumes (less than 100 pc in 8 hours per day), or for limited budgets, a finishing table may be sufficient for all of the finishing work in a SoftWash context.

The table should preferably have vacuum and blowing boards, maxi dimension, equipped for “point to right” operation. Upon request, the board can include adjustable height (from 770 mm to 970 mm) by gas spring for optimal ergonomics (see picture).

The vacuum is used to fix the trousers crease or to finish very wrinkled garments and fabrics like cotton and linen.

The blowing option is used for delicate fabrics (silk, etc.), trousers waist, lining, etc. The blowing function allows easier and faster garment handling compared to the vacuum operation. It also avoids gloss near the seams, and on dark garments in general, especially on pockets and trousers leg.

With MAXI board (1300x 500 mm. Point 250mm) the trousers can be positioned to the point, and with the “point to right” technique the waist can be finished rapidly; while with blowing and the “point to right” technique, the creases can be finished without moving the trousers.

The table can be supplied self-contained (with a built-in boiler), or for connection to an external steam supply.

Nova Ironing Table Available extras

  • Sleeve arm or spotting arm
  • Water spray
  • Spotting guns
  • Lighting group and iron suspension
  • Pump plus tank
Description / Model NOVA Ironing Table
Brand / Supplier  Sidi
Electrical Power
Vacuum Motor 0,60 kW
Motor for Blowing 0,60 kW
Board Heating Elements 1,2 kW
Boiler Heating Elements 3.3 (0.33) kw (Bhp)
Pump Motor 0,4 kW
Iron Heating Elements 0,8 kW
Steam Connections/ Consumptions
Steam Inlet ½ In
Return Outlet ½ In
Steam Working Pressure 2.5÷3 (36÷43.5) Bar (psi)
Steam Consumption 3÷5 Kg/h
Water connections / Drain Connections
Water feeding mm Ø13 (Ø0.5) In
Boiler Drain ½ In
Encumbrance mm 1960X650 (77X26) In
Net Weight with Boiler 160 (353) Kg (lbs)
Gross Weight 185 (408) Kg (lbs)
Width 1840 (72.5) mm (In)
Depth 770 (27.5) mm (In)
Height 1300 (51) mm (In)
Volume 1.67 (59) m³ – (ft³)
Required Power 400 V./3+N/50 Hz

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