Looking for catering or laundry equipment in Swaziland?

LEAD Laundry and Catering (Pty) Ltd is the leading supplier of Laundry, Catering and Dry Cleaning equipment to the hospitality industry in Swaziland and throughout Southern Africa.

With globally recognized clients in almost every country throughout Central Africa and down to Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique in the south.



The washer extractors, driers and finishing equipment vary in application from those used in coin-operated laundries to sophisticated tunnel washers found in the world’s largest industrial laundries, and it’s customers range in size from the smallest Bed and Breakfast to Central Processing Plants handling linen in hygienic conditions for upwards of 16 hospitals at one location. Laundry brands include Jensen, Speed Queen, TullisGirbau, and Ipso.


The company’s European brand, Fagor, delivers professional catering equipment and advice from qualified chefs in everything from the smallest bar to the largest industrial kitchens in everything from the most sophisticated Hotels, to the remotest mining camps in Africa.

Dry Cleaning

Italian manufacturer Ilsa is at the centre of LEAD’s Dry Cleaning equipment division – which is also a South African industry leader. Close relationships with our suppliers who are all world leaders, ensure that LEAD’s customers remain at the forefront of new ideas and technology.

LEAD views growth outside South Africa’s borders as a strategic priority and to this end recently appointed Vincent Dawson to the position of Africa Business Development Manager. Vincent is widely experienced in the equipment supply industry and has many years of experience dealing in Africa. He is tasked with setting up the necessary service and sales channels in all sub Saharan African countries, so as to ensure our customers enjoy the world class service they deserve, regardless of where they are situated.

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After service and repairs in Swaziland

LEAD has strictly applied a philosophy to its business that competent after sales service must always precedes any sales initiative, and to this end LEAD technical teams have always had, and continue to have a strong presence in Swaziland.

We understand that faulty equipment and downtime impacts your ability to deliver a quality product at the best possible price, and that it is the difference between commercial viability and failure.

At Lead, we offer

  • State-of-the-art technology linking all our national call centres
  • Trained service controllers using unique software to log, manage and record the repair history of your equipment
  • Comprehensive spares stock holdings in all major centres
  • Expertly trained technicians employed by Lead and specialising in Lead brands.

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Vincent Dawson

Africa Business Development Manager
Mobile – +27 (82) 9098412
E-mail: vincentd@lead.co.za

Lead Laundry Johannesburg office Tel: +27 (0)11 553 3702