Hand Ironing Equipment

A variety of commercial hand irons and ironing boards from the most basic budget oriented equipment to specialised hand ironing offering premium quality finishing for the Dry Cleaning/Laundry industry.

Steam Generators

For higher production environments with heavier ironing requirements the SIDI GVE-212 (2 irons) electric steam generator: 5 litre boiler with 3.3kW heating elements, 0.8kW Iron heating element and operating on 220 volt single phase, generating steam at 2.8 bar. Add an ironing board each side of the steam generator. Connected to mains water supply so no wasted time for refilling. Ideal for environments with high volumes of ironing but where 3 phase power is not available.

Three phase electricity required with 9 litre boiler plumbed to water. 10kW boiler heating elements with 0.6kW pump motor generating 5 bar steam working pressure. Not supplied with Irons (order J2 irons separately), but built to accommodate between 1 and 5 hand irons. Use fewer irons and utilise spare steam capacity for alternative purposes.

Steam Hand Irons

Commercial hand held steam bottle iron model SEWOONG PEN 520 with 2.5l demineraliser tank. A sturdy and reliable entry level commercial iron. Requires basic preventative maintenance to ensure maximum benefit.

MITO 3 commercial hand held iron with electric steam generator (2.3kW elements) and manual water filling (2.2l). Great Italian quality with compact and highly efficient steam generation to ensure quality finishing on the shortest possible time.

Nova Ironing Table

For relatively moderate production volumes (less than 100 pc in 8 hours per day), or for limited budgets, a finishing table may be sufficient for all of the finishing work in a SoftWash context.

The vacuum is used to fix the trousers crease or to finish very wrinkled garments and fabrics like cotton and linen.

Hand Irons Boards

Basic and sturdy GAMMA INDUSTRIAL IRONING BOARD with 15 amp plug point and hanging brackets for commercial bottle iron.

ALFA ARS folded heated Vacuum Ironing table for more accurate, higher quality and faster finishing. Generally paired with MITO-3 Commercial Iron with electric steam generator (manual water filling).

Where your finishing requirement needs to cater to large items (like sheets), but where the volume to be processed does not justify the substantial investment required for a roller iron; then we have custom made an ironing table to meet your needs.