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    Sewoong PEN 520

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    Mito 3

Sewoong PEN 520

Commercial hand held steam bottle iron model Sewoong PEN 520 with 2.5l demineraliser tank. A sturdy and reliable entry level commercial iron. Requires basic preventative maintenance to ensure maximum benefit.

Mito 3

Mito 3 commercial hand held iron with electric steam generator (2.3kW elements) and manual water filling (2.2l). Great Italian quality with compact and highly efficient steam generation to ensure quality finishing on the shortest possible time

Model Description Sewoong PEN 520 Model
Mito 3
Hand Held Steam Bottle Iron with Demineraliser Tank Iron With Electric Steam Generator and Manual Water Filling
Brand / Supplier Sewoong Brand / Supplier Vapor Design
Capacity 2.5 litres Capacity 2.2 litres
Width 205mm Boiler Heater Element 2.3kW
Depth 115mm Overall Dimensions 230 x 420 x 320mm
Height 320mm
kW Rating 18kg
Voltage 220/50/1 Voltage 230/50/1
Net Weight 2.1kg Net Weight 7.5kg

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