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Tullis extractors

Optimise space with stacked driers.

Tullis double drum dryers are compact machines ideal for laundries with little available space and, while they have been designed with the self-service sector in mind, they are also available for hotels, small laundries, etc.

The standard SP-10E model is easily installable as part of a stack. A drier can be stacked with a drier even if they have been ordered separately as separate machines.

This type of drier is specially designed for the self-service sector.


  • User friendly and totally programmable 7” TP2 touch screen.
  • USB Connection. PC software free of charge for programming, traceability, data analysis.
  • Videos on display. (ads, instructions)
  • 37 languages.


  • New POWERED gas heated model: more power to achieve more productivity.
  • Reversing drum action as standard.
  • Stainless steel drum as standard.
  • Frequency inverter as standard.


  • MIXED FLOW – New ‘optimised’ system of mixed airflow.
  • Big fluff filter.


With two drums and greater versatility thanks to two sets of controls, the new stacked driers offer a greater operating capacity and space optimisation.

  • Make to order – customisation.
  • OPL > Multivending – Standard OPL model easily transformable to coin laundry uses.


  • Drawer as fluff filter, made of stainless steel.
  • Biggest door diameters.


  • Remote technical service.
  • Managemant of laundries: OPL and COIN
  • Remote payment: LaundryConnect

Ease and maintenance

There is one single connection and extraction tube. Installation and maintenance are therefore quicker and easier.

  • Hinged panel: easy and ergonomic access.
  • Technical menu: statistics, alarm, autotest, data recovery for technicians and maintenance.


  • Grey skinplate outer casing, stainless steel look.
  • SOFT TOUCH – new drum with stamped holes.
  • COOL DOWN – anti-wrinkle at the end of the cycle.
  • Heating options: electric, gas.
  • CE approved.

Stacked Drier Options

  • iDRY – Intelligent humidity control. Temperature probe at drum inlet.
  • Double door glass.
  • FK – Integrated Fire Extinguishing System.
  • Tropicalized model.
  • Rear panel external air + filter.
  • Stainless steel outercasing.
  • Stainless steel frontal panel.
  • Stainless steel battery.
  • Wooden packing.
  • Ship voltage for electric models: 440V III 50/60 Hz No neutral.

Tullis extractors

Twice the drying capacity in the compact floor space of a single drier. If you have limited floor space available or prefer to operate in a smaller environment with lower rental costs, then double up on the most efficient tumble drier in the industry. With all of the same attributes as the Speed Queen stand alone tumble drier – no compromise in efficiency or reliability.

NOTE: Re Capacity
Different manufacturers use different ratios of drum volume to calculate capacity. For example:
Manufacturer A: 180L drum volume @ 1:18 = 10kg
Manufacturer B: 180L drum volume @ 1:20 = 9kg
NB. The capacity is the same in both cases.
Brand / Supplier Tullis extractors Tullis extractors
Capacity 1/18 (kg)
1/20 (kg)
2 X 11
2 X 10
2 X 9,5
2 X 8,2
Drum Volume (l) 2 x 200 198
Drum Material Galvanised Steel
Drum ø (mm) 590 630
Drum Depth (mm) 690 565
Width (mm) 680 683
Depth (mm) 775 737
Height (mm) 2112 1938
Net Weight (kg) 186 120
Operation Electronic / World Drop / Cashless Timer / Cashless Payment
Temperature Setting Variable
No. Of Motors 1 2
Motors (kW) 0,37 0,25
Reversing Action N/A N/A
Exhaust ø (mm) 2 X 100 2 X 102
Air Flow (l per sec) 2 X 84 2 X 105
Gas Connection (mm) 13mm 2 X 9.5
Gas Consumption (kcal) 2 x 3500 2 x 6300
Heating Element (kW) 2 X 6.75/4.5 2 X 5.35
Electrical Rating 230/1/50 or 400/3/50 230/1/50


LaundryConnect: Convenient Cashless Services

SA’S First Complete Payment Solution for the Laundry Industry.


LaundryConnect offers an affordable and adaptable payment gateway that is fast becoming the system of choice. It is ideal for all forms of accommodation, universities, apartment blocks, drop-off laundry services.

  • Track sales real-time
  • Support customer queries quickly, effectively & remotely
  • View performance of your machines & understand why transactions failed, remotely
  • Improve pricing offers & track inflation
  • No more cash theft & handling fees
  • Easy to Implement
  • Reliable
  • Convenient vending experience

LaundryConnect works with Zapper, SnapScan and Closed Loop Systems (MiFare cards)


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Stacked Driers: Coin-operated Systems

Traditional coin-operation activation systems are largely being replaced by LaundryConnect’s Cashless Payment Gateway. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated this transition. Stacked tumble driers are available in timer operated and coin operated versions.


World Coin Drop

Electronic coin validation with a ‘teach’ function allowing you to train your equipment to accept any denomination, or even tokens. More accurate, more secure, less maintenance and the way of the future.

This system can be used simultaneously with the LaundryConnect Cashless Payment Solution.

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