Front Load Washer Extractors

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    Speed Queen SY080

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    Speed Queen NF3J

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    Tullis LAP10


Some of our competitors may think that a residential home appliance wrapped in a rugged exterior passes for commercial grade. Speed Queen believes that strength comes from within. A century of manufacturing expertise behind the Speed Queen product offering the ultimate in energy and cost efficiency. Reducing your operating costs with low water usage and high spin speeds which mean less residual moisture and a resulting decrease in drying times and electricity costs.  Front Load washer extractors are 100% freestanding with no complicated installation procedures. Heavy duty construction from rugged steel drive components to stainless steel inner and outer drums. A quality washing process optimising water, energy and chemical products through easy and intuitive programming of the micro processor. Inverter Drive controlled motors meaning reduced maintenance and electrical consumption.

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Tullis brings a new range of professional laundry products specially designed for small establishments (hairdressers, gyms, camp sites, etc.) that require the same performance and robustness as industrial laundry machines, but with greater versatility, a more compact size and more affordable price.

NOTE: Re Capacity
Different manufacturers use different ratios of drum volume to calculate capacity. For example:
Manufacturer A: 180L drum volume @ 1:9 = 20kg
Manufacturer B: 180L drum volume @ 1:10 = 18kg
NB. The capacity is the same in both cases.
Brand / Supplier Speed Queen Speed Queen Tullis
Capacity 1/10 (kg) or 1/9 (kg) 7.5 / 8.3 9,5 / 11 10 / 11
Drum Volume (l) 75 96.8 100
Drum Material Stainless Steel
Size Of Perforations (mm) 4.5 4,5 4,5
Drum ø (mm) 530 535 532
Drum Depth (mm) 350 375 425
Width (mm) 710 683 680
Depth (mm) 740 704 742
Height (mm) 1115 1126 1040
Net Weight (kg) 185 113 150
Door Bottom To Floor (mm) 349 327 280
Door Opening Size (mm) 330 395 373
Operation QED Select Quantum gold TP2
Cycles 99 4 27
Motors 1 1 1
Motor (kW) 0.75 0,75 0,75
Wash Speed (rpm) 49 50
Extract Speed rpm/g’s (min-max) 1165 Variable 1250
Water Inlet Size (mm) 20 20 20
Drain Size  ø (mm) 76 35 50
Drain Height Above Floor (mm) Open box gulley 1175 1000
Steam Inlet Size (mm) 13 N/A N/A
Air Inlet Size N/A N/A N/A
Heating Element (kW) 6 4,05 6
Electrical Rating 380/50/3 230/1/50 230/1/50

* LAP10 to be available from February 2022.


LaundryConnect: Convenient Cashless Services

SA’S First Complete Payment Solution for the Laundry Industry.


LaundryConnect offers an affordable and adaptable payment gateway that is fast becoming the system of choice. It is ideal for all forms of accommodation, universities, apartment blocks, drop-off laundry services.

  • Track sales real-time
  • Support customer queries quickly, effectively & remotely
  • View performance of your machines & understand why transactions failed, remotely
  • Improve pricing offers & track inflation
  • No more cash theft & handling fees
  • Easy to Implement
  • Reliable
  • Convenient vending experience

LaundryConnect works with Zapper, SnapScan and Closed Loop Systems (MiFare cards)


LaundryConnect is brought to you by

Front Load Washers: Coin-operated Systems


Traditional coin-operation activation systems are largely being replaced by LaundryConnect’s Cashless Payment Gateway. The Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating this transition.

Historically front load washer coin-operated systems include World Coin Drop: Electronic coin validation with a ‘teach’ function allowing you to train your equipment to accept any denomination, or even tokens.

This system can be used simultaneously with the LaundryConnect Cashless Payment Solution.

It’s very simple to integrate or replace your existing coin mech with LaundryConnect. Cashless services are convenient and hassle-free and are the way of the future.

Revolutionary front load washer

Speed Queen’s front load washers help minimize cycle times while reducing energy and water costs. Learn more about the revolutionary technology in this video.

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