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Industrial on-premise Washer Extractors

Possibly the most important decision you will make in determining your laundry’s profitability. Softmount or Hardmount, High or Medium Speed? Your unique situation will determine which is most suitable for your application, but regardless of your preference our range offers you a choice of the two best washer extractor brands in the world today: Girbau and Speed Queen. Both offer premium heavy duty construction, flexible programming options which facilitate the most economical water and energy usage, and with high extraction speeds. If you are considering establishing an On Premise Laundry or replacing old equipment, you are in the right place. Click on the below tabs to gain better insight into which washer extractor best serves your particular needs.


Medium Speed Washer Extractors

Like the High speed range with flexible programming options but in Hardmount format and with lesser spin speeds (Gravity factors of up to 200G). With rugged and ergonomic design this washer is best suited to ground floor applications. Adopted by institutions in the toughest Mining environments. A well balanced range…

Sluice Machines

Sluicing is an integral part of the early stages of a process designed to combat the threat of microbiological contaminations in the Healthcare environment. The only washer extractor worldwide with internationally designed pre-set sluice programs, 8mm drum perforations, a large 3 inch drain valve and operating on single phase 220…

Barrier Washer Extractors

Aimed at combatting the threat of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), PRIMUS washer extractors are part of the process designed to limit and prevent microbiological contamination. Barrier washers considerably reduce the risk of recontamination and cross contamination thanks to their dual door design. These washers are built into a physical wall separating the…