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Aimed at combatting the threat of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), PRIMUS washer extractors are part of the process designed to limit and prevent microbiological contamination. Barrier washers considerably reduce the risk of recontamination and cross contamination thanks to their dual door design.

These washers are built into a physical wall separating the loading and unloading side, ensuring optimal sanitation and avoiding contact between clean, disinfected laundry and soiled, contaminated linen.


Barrier concept: reducing the risk of infections in hospital & health care environments

Hospital & health care environments are nowadays faced with an increasing threat of microbiological contaminations, the so called hospital acquired infections’ (HAI). These environments all count numerous places where the risk of transmitting microbiological contamination is high. The interrelation of these places simplifies the spread of bacteria.

This risk also affects the laundry process. Bacteria coming from soiled linen through air, hands or human contact during improper handling or processing of laundry are an important cause of infection. Therefore, hospital & health care environments need to take preventive measures in order to avoid microbiological contamination in the laundry process.

The PRIMUS range of barrier washer extractors offers a solution for this threat as it considerably reduces the risk of recontamination or cross contamination thanks to its ‘dual door’ design. The barrier washer extractors are built into a physical wall separating the ‘clean’ loading & ‘dirty’ unloading side. This set-up ensures optimal sanitation and avoids contact between clean, disinfected laundry & soiled, contaminated linen.

What are hospital-acquired infections?

Hospital acquired infections (HAI) or ‘nosocomial’ infections affect patients during their stay in hospital. One of the most recurrent pathogens that occur with these infections is MRSA or methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus. The term MRSA is used to describe organisms that are resistant to commonly used antibiotics. Currently MRSA contaminations are on the rise in hospital & health care institutions, resulting in a greater risk of mortality and significantly higher treatment costs for patients with surgical side infections. Taking measures in the laundry process to reduce the risk of MRSA is therefore an absolute necessity.

Primus has developed a full range of barrier washers in order to simplify and to optimise the setting up of your laundry offering the best protection for employees, patients and the best prevention for the spreading of micro-organisms and superbugs.

When adopting the Primus Hygienic Solution, the operation of your laundry conforms with best hygienic practices:

  • Respect for “walk forward” as in HACCP principles or the International Food Standard.
  • Physical wall separates the laundry in two parts: soiled area and clean area.
  • No risk of contact or crossing between soiled and clean linen.
  • As an option, separate atmosphere pressures can be created between clean and soiled areas to prevent airborne re contamination.
  • Specific “hygienic” programs for decontamination of laundry.
  • Offers the best protection against the spreading of infections.
  • Guarantees your investment in the future by anticipating the next regulations.

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