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Sluicing is an integral part of the early stages of a process designed to combat the threat of microbiological contaminations in the Healthcare environment. The only washer extractor worldwide with internationally designed pre-set sluice programs, 8mm drum perforations, a large 3 inch drain valve and operating on single phase 220 volt power.

The Laundry process is an important part of combatting Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s). Bacteria coming from soiled linen through air, hands or human contact during improper handling or processing of laundry is an important cause of infection.

Our unique 8mm drum perforations and 3 inch drain valve ensure bodily waste is removed in the sluicing process and prior to either the transportation of linen where hospitals outsource their laundry; or prior to linen being moved to washer extractors (normally located in a separate room on in the ‘dirty’ side of the laundry) where linen is processed through a full wash process incorporating thermal or chemical disinfection.


Lead’s Tullis Sluice product is completely unique and is the only washer extractor worldwide developed for this specific purpose with preset internationally designed Sluice programs, 8mm drum perforations to allow the disposal of solid waste and a large 3 inch drain valve.

NOTE: Re Capacity
Different manufacturers use different ratios of drum volume to calculate capacity. For example:
Manufacturer A: 180L drum volume @ 1:9 = 20kg
Manufacturer B: 180L drum volume @ 1:10 = 18kg
NB. The capacity is the same in both cases.
Model Description MAQ B-11 SL MAQ B-14 SL MAQ B-18 SL MAQ B-25 SL MAQ B-35 SL
Brand / Supplier speed-queen-tumble-driers-washers
Capacity 1/10 (kg) or 1/9 (kg) 11 / 11 13 / 14 18 / 20 25 / 28 35 / 44
Width (mm) 719 719 788 885 979
Depth (mm) 749 879 892 1029 1140
Height (mm) 1157 1157 1307 1307 1411
Net Weight (kg) 204 235 268 360 468
Extract Speed (rpm/g’s) Min – max 538/100 538/100 507/100 483/100 458/100
Motor Power (kW) 0,75 1,5 2,2 2,2 3
Electrical Rating 220V 220V 220V 220V 220V
Cylinder Volume (l) 100 130 181 247 350

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