The High Speed washer extractor range with Softmount format, providing between 280 and 440 G-Force. With a higher emphasis on conserving energy and Wash quality / Linen life.

Tullis High Speed Washers


Specially designed for laundries that prioritise the quality of the process as well as water and energy savings. The new industrial washing machines with high spin speed offer optimum performance and a revamped style to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers.

This type of washing machine with high spin speed (G Force: 450) drastically reduces the residual moisture after the washing process, allowing for great savings in subsequent processes such as drying and ironing.

Its advanced design and technology, together with the wide range of options and accessories, have a significant impact on energy efficiency and on saving water and chemicals, reducing production costs and increasing the company’s productivity.

Its quick and easy installation as well as the minimum required space for it to be used and maintained are a key advantage in comparison to other ranges.

Girbau High Speed Washers

If you are looking for a High Speed washer extractor (Gravity factors of up to 380G) capable of providing you with every conceivable option available to ensure the highest quality wash results, the longest linen life, the most economical wash possible, all with a reputation for durability that is unmatched by any of it’s competitors worldwide – then the Girbau HS6 Series Softmount washer extractor is for you.

Speed Queen High Speed Washers

Speed Queen’s strength comes from within. Build quality, reliability and efficiency, backed by more than 100 years of industry experience make Speed Queen ‘the proven performer’. Flexible installation, high extract speeds of up to 400G, inverter driven for best fabric care and lowest energy consumption, stainless steel construction and Supe Intelligent control with 99 preset programs make this machine the No.1 contender for world’s best high speed washer extractor.

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