Girbau High Speed Washer Extractors

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    Girbau High Speed Washer Extractors

Girbau washer extractors

The Washer for a Greener World

If you are looking for a High Speed washer extractor (Gravity factors of up to 380G) capable of providing you with every conceivable option available to ensure the highest quality wash results, the longest linen life, the most economical wash possible, all with a reputation for durability that is unmatched by any of it’s competitors worldwide – then the Girbau HS6 Series Softmount washer extractor is for you.


Washing Savings



The sturdy build of Girbau washing machines means:
• Girbau washing machines have a long working life and are virtually maintenance free.
• The fabric lasts longer due to the careful treatment it receives during the washing process and with the Care Touch Drum system.



It is possible to adjust each washing parameter to suit the precise needs of each load (thereby saving time), process stability, which prevents unplanned stoppages, thus significantly increasing productivity.


Water and Energy Consumption

Various features, such as the Aquamixer and the Aquafall systems make it possible to reduce the consumption of water and energy. In addition, having consumption information for all of the parameters makes it possible to identify settings that can optimise consumption.



Girbau washing machines have dual safety features. The machine is only active if a closed door and locked door signal have been validated. In each washing cycle the system checks the status (open/closed) of the safety controls.


Taking Care of the Fabric, Taking Care of the Skin

For generations our mothers and grandmothers washed their linen in rivers or wash houses. Girbau maintains the philosophy and wisdom of these generations: with the care of one that appreciates each garment.

One of the principles for achieving a better world is to respect it. This is the reason which has always spurred Girbau on to manufacture washing machines that consume less natural resources and energy, which pollute less and have less impact in terms of CO2 emissions. Series 6 washers make laundries businesses that are environmentally friendly, while taking into account sustainability.

Greener Laundries for a Greener World



Girbau’s – exclusive management and communication system between the inverter, motor and microprocessor ensures that the whole assembly is properly balanced and has a longer life. GDrive makes it possible to control the speed, save energy, control out-of-balance and reduce noise, vibration and component fatigue.



Aquafall is the result of a study of the movement of water inside the drum. With a minimum level of water, and with recirculation through perforated blades, it provides a cascade flow, increasing the washing action, reducing cycle time and minimising water usage.



A hot and cold water mixer that achieves a precise temperature with the programmed water level, thereby saving energy and reducing the time of the wash cycle. In electric washing machines it is not necessary to activate the heating elements to heat the water.


Care Touch Drum

The system of deep punched holes without sharp edges ensures that the linen is treated delicately and aids the evacuation of the water during the final spin, thereby achieving very low residual moisture levels. The drum is constructed in AISI-304L stainless steel.


Freestanding MDS

The Series 6 HS washing machines are Free Standing and do not require additional fixing or bolting, thus making installation quick and simple.


The MDS (Multi Directional Springs) system allows spin speeds exceeding 350G in a silent and very stable way. It absorbs up to 95% of the vibrations and considerably extends the life of the shock absorbers compared to other systems.


Efficiently Watertight

GIRBAU’s exclusive watertight system is highly efficient. It is based on a double radial and axial Viton seal (allowing the use of ozone) interspersed with a large drainage chamber for the rapid detection of water entering the bearing housing.
The watertightness of the door is also assured by means of an EPDM gasket. The system for regulating the pressure of the door on the seal (Pat. PCT/ ES2005/000677) significanttly extends the life of the door.

Girbau High Speed Washer

Internal & External Dosing with Collector

To ensure the best washing process and the proper treatment for each fabric, Series 6 washers with INTELI make it possible to control the time of up to 12 external dosings. The Coin and Logi controls can connect up to 4 external do sings.

The chemicals are always previously diluted in the collector, thus preventing them from coming into direct contact with the fabric.


Wet Cleaning

The control of the wash cycle parameters allows specific processes such as Wet Cleaning to be carried out easily and efficiently.

Ergonomic Construction

Design applying ergonomic criteria in the construction of their structure to aid the work of the operators.

  • The ratio between diameter and the depth of the drum has been designed to aid with loading and unloading the washing machines
  • Large diameter loading opening
  • Outer casing with rounded edges to minimise impacts
  • Convenient access to all the machine’s components to speed up maintenance tasks.

Just in Load

This function adjusts water consumption and dosing time proportionally, depending on the program selected and the weight of the load. In this way water, energy and chemical products are saved in each process.


Energy Saving

Good management of the energy and time invested in the process have a direct impact on the profitability of your business.

Energy saving is the fundamental starting point in designing our washing machines. Over the past 15 years, our washing machines have succeeded in saving 59% of the water and 23% of the cycle time.

The investment in the Series 6 translates into savings in each cycle.



INTELI control opens up a new world of possibilities for extremely quick and easy programming with a large memory capacity. It has 20 preset programs and 79 free ones.

A system of icons developed by Girbau allows all the parameters of a washing programme to be set intuitively, regardless of the language of the user.

The icons guide the process of programming and execution easily by means of an LCD screen. Each program can be identified with a name to make the operators’ work easier.


Girbau High Speed Washer Features

Heavy-duty Washer With Aquafall, Aquamixer and GDrive as in the medium speed range, but with the following improvements:

  • Free Standing MDS allows spin speed of up to 380G with silence and stability
  • Intelli Control: infinite programming possibilities making it ideal for wet cleaning, Goretex etc. Easily interpretable and intuitive Icon system. Programme from PC. Save programmes on a memory card and copy them to other washing machines. Name each programme independently so your operators understand them
  • Just in Load option reduces cost of water and chemicals. Automatically adjusts the amount of water and dispensing time based on programme selection and weight i.e. wash 25 kg in a 40 kg washer and water and detergent are automatically adjusted -significant savings
  • Wet Cleaning Ready
  • Easy load option for 57 and 110 kg: unique innovation with “no tilt”, allowing more efficient and easier loading and unloading
  • 12 external dosing points
  • Process flatwork direct from washer to calendar drying iron, avoiding dryer costs completely
  • Huge reduction of water consumption and energy usage while achieving superior wash quality
  • Four compartment dispenser for powders, liquids and automatic dosing
  • GDrive system provides up to 70% reduction in electrical draw during start-up, with cycles of controlled acceleration, and important reduction in noise and vibration; which in turn notably lengthens the life of the washer
  • Integrated GDrive provides a control system for unbalanced loads
  • Cold and hot water inlet with automatic mixer
  • Water level and temperature are selectable
NOTE: Re Capacity
Different manufacturers use different ratios of drum volume to calculate capacity. For example:
Manufacturer A: 180L drum volume @ 1:9 = 20kg
Manufacturer B: 180L drum volume @ 1:10 = 18kg
NB. The capacity is the same in both cases.
Model Description HS6013 HS6017 HS6024 HS6028 HS6032 HS6040 HS6057 STAT HS6085 STAT HS6110 STAT
Brand / Supplier

Girbau washer extractors

Capacity 1/10(kg) or 1/9(kg) 13 / 14 17 / 19 24 / 27 28 / 31 32 / 36 40 / 44 57 / 63 85 / 95 110 / 122
Drum Volume (l) 126 173 239 280 320 395 569 850 1100
Drum Material Stainless Steel
Size Of Perforations (mm) 4,5 4,5 4,5 4,5 4,5 4,5 4,5 4,5 4,5
Drum ø (mm) 620 700 765 825 825 900 1080 1310 1310
Drum Depth (mm) 416 450 520 524 598 621 621 630 816
Width (mm) 796 868 975 1053 1053 1390 1570 1770 1770
Depth (mm) 887 962 1225 1294 1294 1455 1493 1939 1939
Height (mm) 1325 1404 1477 1500 1500 1798 1925 2068 2068
Net Weight (kg) 344 476 584 635 680 1409 1932 3756 3885
Door Bottom To Floor (mm) 509 515 581 600 600 659 812 807 807
Door Opening Size (mm) 327 426 426 426 426 558 558 684 684
Operation Intelli Programmable Microprocessor
Cycles 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99 99
Motors 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Motor (kW) 1,3 1,9 3 3 3 7 10 16
Wash Speed (rpm) 17-44 17-44 22-42 42 20-41 13-40 13-36 13-32 12-32
Extract Speed (rpm/g’s) 1000 / 351 950 / 354 996 / 400 936 / 405 930 / 400 870 / 381 800 / 387 725 / 387 725 / 386
Water Inlet Size (mm) 2X20 2X20 2X20 2X20 2X20 2X25 2X25 2X25 2X25
Drain Size  ø (mm) 80 80 80 80 80 80 80 130 130
Steam Inlet Size (mm) 13 13 13 13 13 20 20 25
Air Inlet Size (mm) N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 20
Heating Element (kW)  12 15 19,5 19,5 19,5 21,6 33 N/A N/A
Electrical Rating 380/50/3

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