All in a Day’s Work!

Here’s a funny story, written by one of our agents…

keep-smiling-and-carry-onGood Morning Sunshine!

Thought I’d share some of my day yesterday with you – customer “next to Lebowa Kgomo”!

We had to go with my little 1100 Uno – which is BLACK and a firebox in the sun.  Barometer at the garage read 42 degrees.   Mrs Customer can only speak Sotho (which we can’t); Mr Customer has a little bit of English to his credit, but not enough to give proper directions. 15km through donga’s and ditches, rocks and building litter, no roads, just “voetpaadjies”, he tells us to ask “anyone” where he lives, everybody knows him. The only answer we got was: “somewhere in one of those houses” There’s probably only 300 houses in that settlement!  Eight people later we finally found someone who used my phone to get directions from him in Sotho. “Go past the mountain (the little hillock on the one photo), at the first corner of the graveyard turn left, at the 2nd corner turn left again, at the 3rd corner there is a house on the right hand side.”

I struggled to find some sort of road to “go past the mountain”, slapping flies, shooing cattle, keeping an eye on the temperature gauge. Goats trying to chew the tyres, chickens hopping in for a free ride scratching around in the back for a comfy nest to lay an egg, donkeys wanting to exchange a bit of gossip through the open window…. I had It ALL yesterday!

I don’t usually drink alcohol, but I put a dent in Dale’s Black Label stock in my fridge last night. Don’t know how much of it is true but was told I was lamenting the sinking of the Titanic on the tune of “My Bonny lies over the ocean” in the bath…

All in a day’s work – so let’s smile and carry on regardless!

Hope you’ll have a fantastic day.

Lots of love
Ouma Toolboxie

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