Genuine Parts. The Strongest Link in Your Business.

A laundry machine is only as good as its weakest part. In this business, strong equipment is everything.

If you’re looking for an edge, the only answer is Genuine Parts from Lead laundry and catering (Pty) Ltd. Our high standards ensure you’re buying the best. That’s because each part is designed and engineered specifically for the laundry equipment we sell. Therefore, every part fits better and lasts longer than the competition.
Unlike aftermarket parts, you won’t be replacing the same parts on the same machine time and time again — which will save you money in the long run and make your business more profitable.


Trust Genuine Parts

When it comes to the best parts for your laundry machine, the only choice is Genuine Parts. Each is purpose-built with the highest quality for superior performance. Here’s why:

Genuine Parts

Genuine Parts are the exact same parts that are built into the machines in our factory. Replacement parts from other sources may cost less up front, but they aren’t engineered specifically for our machines. They often need to be replaced earlier and can damage other parts on your machine as well as disable safety features.



The quality of a Genuine Part doesn’t even compare to aftermarket parts.  Behind every part we import, is a team with the highest level of technical expertise, attention to detail and unmatched precision. Plus, each part is guaranteed to be compatible with your machine.


Best in Class

Incomparable Testing

From state-of-the-art precision testing to extensive machine-life test labs, our suppliers quality control team has an extensive parts inspection system to provide you with the highest quality products.


Superior Warranty

Other part sources typically offer only a 30 day warranty. Each Genuine Part is backed by an industry-leading 90 day warranty. That’s how much we trust the quality of the parts we manufacture.


Expert Service by Lead Laundry

All parts are serviced by Lead Laundry & Catering – we are trained to know every detail of your machine and respond quickly to your needs.


We carry significant spares stockholdings to meet our customers requirements – eliminating waiting periods for the imports of parts, and ensuring quick turnaround times. We have spares warehousing facilities and technicians operating out of Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Nelspruit and Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Windhoek to ensure close proximity at the lowest possible cost, and quick access to parts and service in all major metropolitan centres in Southern Africa.

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