Nigel has reached 25 Years of Loyal Service

One of our family recently reached the incredible milestone of 25 years in loyal service of Lead. He is a respected work colleague, a great friend and a real part of the family.

We congratulate Nigel vandenbergh on this incredible achievement.

We feel very honoured to have somebody of Nigel’s calibre be with us for so long – that’s a real tribute to our company.


Nigel joined us in our very first JHB offices in Booysens in July of 1993 as a 34 year old ‘springchicken’. He was immediately respected for his skill and knowledge as an electrician, for his impeccable work ethic (he was tireless) and for his authenticity, sincerity and common decency. He was liked immediately by management and his technician colleagues. He fitted like a glove from the very first day – and from then until now he has been the company’s most senior technician and our ‘Go-to man’. His paperwork is not the best and he’s getting a little grumpy in in his old age, but there has never been anybody more willing and capable in the face of the most difficult technical challenge.

Whenever we have been presented with a complex problem on the most complex of equipment, we have no doubt about whether Nige has the ability to overcome it. Whether at midnight or in the early hours of the morning he has on countless occasions over the last 25 years, in the most gracious and decent way never hesitated to answer the phone, shower, get out of bed, drive several hundred km’s, arrive neatly dressed at the customer, greet them with a smile on his face, make a joke, solve the problem, drive back home, go back to sleep and arrive at work the next morning half an hour before starting time.

It’s been a great privilege to watch Nigel work all these years and an honour to have somebody of Nigel’s calibre share so much of his life with us.

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