SABS Laundry Standard

The purpose of the standard is to create a benchmark for the laundry industry as a whole.

The update to the regulations governing the laundry industry that were proposed in 2018 have been adopted. You can read the 2018 proposal document here.

The NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications) has adopted SANS 10146 and the laundry industry is currently regulated to ensure compliance with the requirements of the compulsory specifications and technical regulations of SANS 10146. These regulations will impact your business.

Please check out the updated SABS standard:

SANS 10146-1:2020 (Ed. 1.00) Laundry – Part 1 – Process Management

SANS 10146-2:2021 (Ed. 1.00) Laundry – Part 2: Operational Management

If you are interested in more information, we ask you to contact SABS as per their channels and platforms created.

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