SABS Laundry Standard | June 2018

SABS Laundry Standard | June 2018

New regulations governing the laundry industry are about to be announced.
Once adopted, they will significantly affect the vast majority of laundries in South Africa.

Please read the SABS Draft Standard document and have your say before 26th June 2018.

SABS Laundry Standard | June 2018

On the first page of the document, you can click on the hyperlink for external users to lodge your comments.
Please don’t wait – do it now.

This new draft SANS 10146 standard is now available for public comment. The purpose of updating the standard is to create a benchmark for the laundry industry as a whole. Once the standard has been finalized it will be submitted to the NRCS (National Regulator for Compulsory Specifications).

Once the NRCS has adopted SANS 10146 the laundry industry is likely to be regulated to ensure compliance with the requirements of the compulsory specifications and technical regulations of SANS 10146. The new regulations will have an impact on your business.

We urge you to kindly view the document and provide your comments directly to the SABS as per their channels and platforms created.

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