Ziyahlanjwa Laundry Services

These Laundry Heroes are Speed Queen equipped.

After hearing about Ziyahlanjwa Laundry Services winning the award on Cape Talk Radio we decided to make contact with Sivu and her husband Justice and went out to look at the laundry in Khayelitsha to see if there was anything we might be able to do to assist. An incredibly inspiring story of a business starting off with nothing other than a second hand domestic washing machine and tumble drier, and a fantastic entrepreneurial spirit, the couple started a business which 5 years later has grown to a point where the laundry has not only taken over their own home, but also their entire lives.


Routinely working 24 hour days… waking up throughout the night to load and unload washers and driers, Sivu and Justice have turned their home into a thriving little business. Managing a home with children, and at the same time managing an all consuming business in the same small environment is no easy task. With a clear need to expand Sivu and Justice saw the opportunity to secure a lease on new premises in a small shopping centre around 15 minutes from their current laundry and home.

The new laundry premises now house 3 Speed Queen machines donated to the business by Lead and while their is still much work to do to add shop fitting and more equipment, the laundry is now up and running and Sivu and Justice are on their way with another successful business adventure.

With the old laundry still a critical part of the business and literally occupying almost every room of the home other than their sleeping quarters – and with their strong parenting instincts screaming at them to find more space for their children to live a relatively normal life; Sivu and Justice hope soon to be able to save enough money to allow for an extension to the home which would give their children a more comfortable space.

They are a truly wonderful and courageous couple and embody all that is good and hopeful in this country. We believe it is more of this spirit that will lead the way to a better country and we would urge anybody who might be able to help to either contact us at our Cape Town offices (contact Rory), or the couple directly. Some things that would be useful:, anybody that might be able to assist with shop fittings in the new laundry, any donations that might help them more rapidly add on a room or two to the house to give their children a separate sleeping and play area away from the business.


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Sage One Cape Talk Small Business Awards
2 September 2015

By Jacques Coetzee | 2 September 2015


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