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At Speed Queen®, we practically invented tough. And we know exactly what it means to be commercial-grade. The washers and dryers we build are designed for long-lasting performance in laundromats, hospitals, hotels, educational institutions, military bases and many other commercial applications.

Located in Ripon, Wisconsin, for more than a century, our machines are manufactured using metal instead of plastic. They’re built with rugged, commercial-grade construction and pushed beyond their limit in our state-of-the-art test lab, ensuring unmatched durability. Bottom line, Speed Queen washers and dryers are built better to last longer.

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Laundry is all we do. And we’ve been doing it better for more than a century. We design, build and test the industry’s best laundry equipment for long-lasting performance in commercial applications. Our machines are only the beginning – in South Africa  our knowledgeable sales force, dedicated technicians, call centre staff, and every last one of us in 5 branches around South Africa is passionately committed to clean like Speed Queen.

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Speed Queen® equipment is tested to last – tests show two to three times longer than other competitive brands. You won’t have to replace your equipment every few years, which will save you a lot more money. And it’s all backed by an industry-leading warranty and full national after sales service to give you extra peace of mind.

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There’s never been laundry equipment that’s built tougher to last longer than Speed Queen washers and dryers. They’re built using metal where others use plastic. They’re rigorously tested to ensure reliable performance. The equipment doesn’t have a legendary reputation for nothing. Speak to somebody that has owned a Speed Queen and you will understand why they won’t consider anything else.

Want the facts behind the mantra? Speed Queen equipment is tested to last 10,400 of the toughest cycles. No replacing your equipment every few years, and no wasting money on costly repairs. Because the industry’s best washers and dryers also happen to be backed by the industry’s best warranty, best spares back up and best after sales service.

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As a world leader in commercial laundry, we are the leading experts in clean. We understand and have a passion for laundry like no one else in the industry, because laundry is all we do. AS CLEAN AS IT GETS The flexible, high vane agitator in our top load washer rotates 210° at 68 strokes per minute. This moves your clothes through the water—and water through your clothes—for a more thorough wash. And with our smooth stainless steel wash tub that’s easier on linens when they brush against it, Speed Queen washers don’t wear on fabric. Load after load, our machines deliver an impeccable wash while also protecting your laundry. So you won’t only save money by not having to buy new machines, you’ll save money by not having to buy new clothes.

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EXPERTS IN CLEAN Our commercial laundry customers depend on wash quality for their livelihood. That’s why they rely on us to deliver laundry equipment that makes no compromises in that area. And that’s why we develop groundbreaking innovations to maximize cleanliness, evidenced by the revolutionary Speed Queen front load washers.

speed queen laundryThese state-of-the-art machines feature patented baffles that cascade water throughout the entire load and a perfected tumble algorithm that moves the drum back and forth at ideal intervals and reversal rates, ensuring that all items are washed evenly. Advancements like these give our commercial customers peace of mind that their laundry is perfectly clean. It’s not too much to ask for your washer and dryer to get your clothes and linen clean and leave them undamaged. It’s pretty much the whole point, and what you spend your hard-earned money for them to do. That’s why Speed Queen® is so committed to continually striving for the best possible clean.

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Speed Queen washers and dryers are built on the same principles that built America. Proudly headquartered in Ripon, Wisconsin, for more than a century with more than 1,600 dedicated employees and more than 2,700 independent dealers across the country, we’re committed to American quality.
washing machines laundry south africaThere are certain indelible traits that make America what it is, like strength, leadership and quality. And these characteristics do more than define America—they define American products. The first Speed Queen® laundry machine was built in Ripon, Wisconsin, in 1908, and we’ve been proudly headquartered there ever since. It’s where the Midwestern work ethic of putting quality before all else developed. It’s where more than 1,600 dedicated employees work side by side to deliver on our promise of customer satisfaction without exception. And it’s where the long-lasting machines sold by independent appliance dealers across the nation are born.

Built better to last longer. It’s the American way. speed queen laundry equipment
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At Lead Laundry and Catering (Pty) Ltd we promise to deliver a corporate focus that puts our customers first in everything we do – world class laundry solutions aimed at uncompromising quality in finished product, and incorporating perfect balance between technologically superior product, simplicity in process and sustainability – all with the environment and minimum energy consumption in mind. Expert advice in a dignified, humble, professional and personal manner with responsibility and accountability as clearly defined priorities.

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We began delivering the industry’s most trusted, highest performing washers and dryers more than a century ago. And with an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and our customers, we’ve been doing it ever since.
speed queen laundryTHE BEGINNING

Back in 1908, Joe Barlow and John Seelig, two industrious hardware store owners in Ripon, WI, purchased several hand-powered washing machines from a company in Kansas City, MO. After experimenting with the washing machines, the inventors devised a way to increase the machine’s efficiency through high-speed gearing. The partners purchased the manufacturing rights from the company in Kansas City and Barlow & Seelig Manufacturing was born. The company produced a limited amount of washers named the “White Cloud” until 1928 when the brand name became Speed Queen®. And a legend was born. Joe Barlow and John Seelig wasted no time establishing Speed Queen’s reputation as innovators. In 1911, the company’s first washer powered by an electric motor was built. In 1915, they introduced the first swinging wringer to operate in any direction. In 1922, the manufacturing of washers built with nickel copper tubs, a first in the industry, began. And in 1939, Speed Queen traded in the nickel copper tubs for stainless steel that is still used in our washing machines today.

We pride ourselves on identifying people’s needs and doing what needs to be done to fulfill them. That mindset took a slightly different turn in the early 1940s. Like many manufacturers during World War II (1942-1945), Speed Queen halted its production of laundry equipment to manufacture 20mm shells as well as parts for airplanes, tanks and guns. Operating 24 hours a day to support the war effort, the company received numerous awards for its service.

It’s been a fascinating journey since our humble beginnings in 1908 as Barlow and Seelig Manufacturing. And today, as in 1908, we continually strive to build the best washers and dryers backed by the industry’s finest service and support. In 2013, we expanded our production facility by more than 20,000 square feet to add even more state-of-the art capabilities. 2015 brought another 106,000 square foot expansion—the largest in our history—that opens the possibilities of what we can offer our customers even wider. And we continue to push the boundaries of laundry performance with groundbreaking innovations like Dynamic Balancing Technology and a revolutionary patent-pending baffle design that combine to deliver even cleaner clothes. As a growing company with over 100 years of commercial quality and expertise, we have always and will always bring you a line of washers and dryers that are built better to last longer. Because that’s how you make history.

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transforming-laundry-speedqueen-equipmentAt Speed Queen®, we’re all about making life easier. We’re mostly known for doing that with our top-of-the-line laundry equipment. But our commitment to families extends to the community as well with our ongoing charitable efforts.

STRENGTH COMES FROM WITHIN In mid-September, 2014, Speed Queen partnered with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF) to launch a campaign that has raised more than $20,330 for breast cancer research and awareness.

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